Stupid chicken? Did you know that chickens have a rather developed intellect?

It is considered that a chicken is a bird, let’s say, not with very high mental abilities. At least that’s what many have been saying about it for a very long time. However, scientists are interested in whether the hens are so stupid birds, and the expression in the style “You have chicken brains!” can be applied to not quite smart people.

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So, from now on the myth of chicken inconsistency is canceled. Scientists from Australia and the United States, as well as several European countries, have found that chickens are not as stupid as people want to appear. These useful birds can not only carry eggs and peck inedible foam plastic, but also:

– perform simple mathematical operations;

– memorize events;

– analyze (i.e., choose the best from two scenarios);

– to simulate their behavior, in other words, to adapt to certain situations;

– to manipulate not only congeners, but also people, for example, to press on pity.

Even the clucking of chickens turned out to be not just a collection of sounds, but a way for a bird to communicate with its congeners. From a wide variety of “ko-ko-ko” and “kud-where” scientists managed to put together a few primitive phrases in the style: “All here, there are many grasshoppers”, “We run away from here, it is dangerous”, “Bye everyone, I went to demolish an egg ” etc.

So when calling a chicken stupid, once again think about how this expression can be applied to this bird. And remember, she remembers everything, so how would you not be left without fresh eggs for breakfast.

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