Takasaki Station

The Takasaki Station ( Jap. 高崎駅 , Takasaki-eki ) is located in Takasaki in the Gunma Prefecture . The station is an important railway junction .

Takasaki is served by the following lines:

JR East Jōetsu-Shinkansen
JR East Hokuriku-Shinkansen
JR East Takasaki Line
JR East Jōetsu Line
JR East Agatsuma Line
JR East Shinetsu main line
JR East Hachiko line
JR East Ryōmō line
Jōshin Dentetsu Jōshin Line
In 2015, an average of 29,748 people used the JR line daily [1] .

On May 1, 1884 , the station of the first private railway company in Japan, the Nippon Tetsudō ( 日本 鉄 道 , literally: “Japan Railway”), opened.

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