The 5 best non-linear games in the gaming industry

Many gamers have the impression that non-linear games are cartoons, where you just have to have time to press one button and that’s it. Of course, this is partly true, but the truth, as always, is somewhere in between. Non-linear games have their own special charm, are often very well made and arouse genuine interest. After all, if the game has a wide enough freedom of choice, this increases its replay value at times.

Fallout 2
Subsequent parts of the Fallout series severely curtailed the choice for the player and went towards a linear narrative. But the first and especially the second part, gave a great choice to the player. The flexible system of “hero karma” created situations that were unique for each passage. The developers left the opportunity to complete the game in 50 minutes (transfer to the final boss and immediately deal with him), but no wonder this method has not gained popularity, because what could be better than full immersion in the game with acting out your role.

Detroit: Become Human
No collection of non-linear games is complete without Detroit, and no wonder. Coming out in 2018, the game was already striking in its nonlinearity, but by launching the game at home and going through it personally, everyone discovered something new for themselves. Each person has their own approach to passing, so I think it was not for nothing that it was called one of the best non-linear games. The game has already reached the PC, which is good news, so now everyone can get acquainted with this masterpiece from Quantic Dream.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The third part created a furor in the gaming industry market. The abundance of endings speaks of the non-linearity of the gameplay and the unique choice for each player. Most of the decisions influenced the further passage, which increased immersion in the game and getting used to the role. The game universe had 36 states in the third part. This means that the player had a wide range of options for further events, which is good news. Of course, I wanted the game world to be more responsive than it was in this part, but despite everything, the game came out decent and non-linear.

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The walking dead
The game series of the walking dead has always been distinguished by its non-linearity and difficult choices for the player. Of course, many may call the game an “inferior cartoon” with two choices, but if you dig deeper, then this is a complex drama with elements of choice that lead the plot along two lines, of course the choice here is small, but it leads to the most unpredictable things. You are completely in charge of the relationship between the characters and the gameplay, which creates an effect of tension, which in turn creates interest.

Heavy rain
A game that is a full-fledged interactive movie with 18 endings. So in this case, the game can be called “kints”. Despite this, the abundance of endings, sharp turns, plot twists and an interesting plot creates the effect of a unique passage, if your friend went through the game and told you about his impressions, do not rush to abandon the project, just download and play and you will experience completely different feelings, because as already mentioned, the project is replete with endings and twists, so different people go through it in different ways.

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