The artistic director smelled. Actor left the Moscow Art Theater because of a stack of brandy

He did not explain something to the newly appointed artistic director and decided that it would be easier to quit.
Actor of the Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky Anton Khomyatov had to write a letter of resignation after he met in the elevator with artistic director Eduard Boyakov. It turned out that the actor smelled of alcohol, which the manager did not tolerate. Khomyatov himself told the radio station “Moscow Says” that there are almost no non-drinking colleagues in the theater.

– I spent 22 years at the Maly Theater. There is nothing wrong with that if a person allows himself to drink 50 grams of cognac. A new man dictates his own terms. I do not understand this. After working three very serious pictures in Fathers and Children, I allowed myself to drink a hundred grams of cognac, nothing more. – My throat ached – for ligaments, – said Khomiatov.

After the dialogue in the elevator, the man was removed from the performances, when the artist heard about his fate, he had a sharp pressure and was taken to intensive care.

Edward Boyakov was appointed artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky. The writer Zakhar Prilepin became his deputy, he promised that no cuts are planned and the new administration will manage the theater “without revolutions” . However, in addition to the ban on alcohol, smoking was prohibited on the territory of the theater.

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