Not all free MMORPGs are worth spending your time on. This is, of course, a harsh reality, because there is such a country as the Republic of Korea, in which the production of games of this genre is put on a steady stream. But there are projects that stand out from the general row for their quality, and even manage not only to gain a foothold in our memory, but sometimes cause nostalgia. It is about 10 good free multiplayer games that we would like to remember today.

Lineage 2

And we will start with one of the best games our planet has ever seen. And, in general, this phrase does not even have irony, well, almost. Released back in 2003, it saw the light of day only in 2008, when the well-known Innova published it. It was “Ruler” that determined in many ways how the genre will look and where it will move as a whole. It was after her that other projects were evaluated from the position of “rulers” and not as “rulers”. Moreover, it satisfied the demand of those gamers whom the toad choked to buy a subscription to World of Warcraft.

Starting the game, we choose a race, and depending on your choice, various classes are available, of which there are as many as 37 in the game. However, upon reaching level 85, each of them is reborn into one of eight balanced archetypes, which, in general, is correct, since it is easier to maintain balance in 8 classes, and not in 37.

Unfortunately, for many, over the years Lineage 2 turned out to be. Reaching high levels has become much easier. But, in my opinion, this is correct, since the most interesting content is always at the maximum level, which led to the imminent appearance of various PvP servers with rates of x100 or even x1000. Not everyone liked these changes, and it’s no surprise that Lineage 2 Classic appeared, which brings back all the early hardcore and grind, of course.

But the most important thing in the project is, of course, sieges, in which crowds of players fight for the right to be the best. In general, this is an interesting topic for discussion. Which is better? High-level content on PvP servers, when everyone is running around in TOP clothes and glowing from buffs, like garlands, and everything is decided only by the ability to masterfully hit skills faster than an opponent? Or, when pumping is slow, players can differ dramatically from each other, and every few levels the experience from the game is supplemented with new skills, clothing and capabilities? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Perfect world

The C the Perfect World started my way as a MMO gamer. It was released back in 2005, even if it got to Russia only in 2008. How did it compare favorably with its competitors at that time? The answer is obvious – graphics and just a huge open world through which you could fly on all kinds of vehicles. Of course, there was World of Warcraft at the time. But where can a poor schoolboy get money for a subscription? And the ideal world is right here, free, without registration and SMS, although it was still necessary to register there.

At that time, among the interesting features of Perfect World was the character editor. This is now we got drunk, and this will not surprise anyone, but in those distant times it was one of the first games with such extensive customization.

You are probably curious to know, but what about the plot? Honestly, the devil only knows. I didn’t care about him then, and I don’t care now. When you complete idiotic tasks for jasper every day, the meaning of which is to buy this damn jasper from the nearest merchant and bring the NPC who gave you the quest, and then fly all over the map, completing idiotic daily tasks, at some point, and in the case of PW this moment comes immediately and abruptly, the plot does not care as much as possible, especially since it takes precious time, which would be much more profitable to invest in quality.

As for the rest, we have before us the now typical target system and very colorful skills. You can also note a pleasant soundtrack, which, like the entire game, sends gamers back to Chinese mythology.

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The world of ArcheAge is a fantasy Middle Ages with elements of magic and steampunk. There are 2 hostile factions in the game’s universe – the Nui Alliance and the Harni Alliance. Each has 3 races. When choosing a faction, be careful – it will no longer be possible to change it in the future.

Each race has its own storyline. The game’s lore is very rich, because the project was created based on the books of the famous Korean writer Min-Hee Chong. We will be introduced to great heroes and powerful gods, tell the story of the great war and the colonization of distant lands, and even take us back in time so that we can see with our own eyes the forgotten events and prevent a catastrophe.

ArcheAge has a targeted combat system, but this is not a disadvantage of the game – the battles here look quite dynamic. The world of the game itself is seamless and it is truly huge. In addition to the three giant continents, the game has many smaller locations and islands, as well as about a dozen dungeons.


Another game that Innova has localized. And unlike the same Lineage 2, Aion was originally distributed by subscription. But her best days are long over, so now you can play completely for free, although with some restrictions. We’ll start with graphics based on the same Lineage 2, but with bells and whistles. There are more polygons, and the picture is more realistic. And most importantly, the players learned not only to jump, but also to fly. The world in Aion is not open, but the locations are quite extensive and well developed. Unfortunately, you can’t fly everywhere, which is very frustrating.

The game’s plot begins with the fact that the ancient god Aion created Atreus – a wonderful world that split into two halves. As a result, the awakening of the Balaur, an aggressive and power-hungry race, and in the two halves of the world, two races were formed – the Elyos and the Asmodians. It is for them that we have to play. The former can be characterized as supporters of good, since they remained on the bright side of Atreia. They have retained their beauty and attractiveness, and their wings have not lost their whiteness. Asmodians found themselves in the icy lands of Asmodea. They underwent some metamorphosis, acquired claws, and their wings turned black. It is in the mass conflict of the above guys that we are offered to take part, and a plot is built around it, which you quite possibly will also skip.

There are as many as 11 classes in the game, so everyone can find something for themselves. All of them are pretty standard – wizards, shooters, gladiators, the only one that stands out among them is the pilot, who is a huge mech. The combat system in Aion is targeted, but this does not prevent it from being a very good MMORPG.

RF Online

As you can see, Innova has localized quite a few interesting projects, and RF Online is also one of them. And unlike all other TOP games, there is no place for bored fantasy here. A harsh future and a war for resources. There are three races in the game – the Akretian Empire, the Bellato Federation and the Sacred Alliance of Cora. The bottom line is that they are all at war with each other. No global universal evil awakened from the abyss of the universe, only an internecine war for minerals. It would seem trite, but after all that pathos and stereotypes that every second MMO feed us, such a down-to-earthness seems like a breath of fresh air. Finally, we are not the chosen fighters against the universal evil of galactic proportions, and we do not need to pierce the heavens with our tempest. Although the magic is still there.

By the way, the combat system of RF Online is old-school targeted, and a little different from everything that the MMO market can offer us today. Nevertheless, the system of skills is quite interesting, we will have to buy them, and the level of the spells themselves grows from how often you use them.

Of course, the dawn of RF Online is long gone. Two and a half cripples play on the official servers. However, you can always go to unofficial servers and just play it if you’ve played it before.

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Black desert

Again, a rather fresh game, which was published by an extremely little-known company GameNet. Published pretty lousy, I dare say. However, in this article we will not discuss the problems of localizers. And if you try to describe Black Desert in one word, it will be a grind. You have to grind everywhere, no matter what you take. If you want to become a master cook or a professional gamer, please ditch a lot of real time.

And character leveling is another story. In ordinary MMOs, there is a maximum level, the so-called cap. Everyone strives for it, and having received it, they proceed to the activities of the leitgame – they dress the character or pump craft skills, pump up their reputation, and so on and so forth. In Black Desert, you never reach the cap, it simply doesn’t exist. The apotheosis of grind, what can I say.

You will receive most of the experience for killing monsters. But it’s worth noting that doing this is damn nice. Excellent non-target combat will not let you get bored. But the number of mobs is extremely small, so skirmishes for spots (mob respawn points) in Black Desert are not rare.

The trading system is a bit complex, and is aimed primarily not at the player’s entertainment, but again at the grind. You will have to hire workers, produce goods and sell them. Moreover, if you want to sell at a higher price, the goods will have to be transported far away. In general, you can literally get stuck here if you are a fan of literally living in games. In addition, everything is in order with the graphics and animation.

Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark is one of the most popular free MMORPG games in the Russian-speaking segment. The plot tells about the world mired in turmoil due to the fault of the demon Cazeros. He, along with entire legions of other demons, opened the Gates of Chaos and invaded the human world. Years passed, and mortals had already lost all hope of victory, but it turned out that there was salvation, and this is a kind of mythical Ark, thanks to which the ancestors were once able to repel the invasion of hellish creatures. And so our hero is just about to go in search of parts of the lost artifact.

At the start of the game in Russia, 12 classes out of 18 possible were presented. Each class has its own background, features and combat equipment, which you can think over, combine skills and so on. The game uses a non-target combat system, but this is only a small part of all content.

The whole world opens before the player. These are dungeons, arenas, world bosses, sea battles, mysterious unexplored lands. The developers have prepared a huge layer of content for lovers of a peaceful life – here you can practice herbalism, mining, fishing and much more.

The game world itself is presented in a fantasy setting. But there are also firearms and robots. Locations are worked out very efficiently, and their style is constantly changing.

Blade and Soul

Another game with a non-target system, but in my humble opinion Blade and Soul is somewhat inferior to the same TERA. Here the emphasis is more on a combination of attacks, and there are not so many skills themselves, while in TERA there are much more skills, and it looks much more like a typical MMORPG. Although there is probably taste, and it will be much more interesting for someone to build a combo.

Blade and Soul boasts nice graphics and an interesting character editor. Although in all modern MMOs, these two points are usually present by default. The main feature of Blade and Soul is, of course, the combat system. She is non-target, she implements interesting systems of combo attacks, so it is not your gear that decides here, but your skill.

There is also a plot in the assortment, but it is completely unnecessary to delve into it, since it is completely saturated with Korean flavor and branded Asian madness.

Pumping deserves a separate mention. Since clothes do not give any bonuses and regularly perform a cosmetic function, you are offered to increase stats with a thing called trigrams. Strictly speaking, it looks like a saucer on which you spread various pieces that increase your stats, and this is difficult to explain. Just know that instead of an armored bra for +10 to dexterity, there is some abstract shnyaga for the same +10 to dexterity. In fact, nothing has changed, only outwardly it is presented differently.

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Also speaking about external chips. Here you cannot fly or hover, but you can jump quite high. This is a kind of local version of fast travel, and it is done very, very effectively.

Unfortunately, the game was not translated into Russian for a very long time, and visually it became a little outdated. But relatively recently it was localized, and now everyone can deeply immerse themselves in this, I must say, very pleasant Korean culture.

Astellia Online

The game was originally released in Korea, then it was localized in Europe and North America, and then reached the Russian-speaking audience. The localizer was GameNet studio. Astellia Online is a very beautiful game, and its style is a bit like Black Desert. That is, there is no isometry, as in Lost Ark, here.

In addition to the usual RPG mechanics, there is also a unique innovation here. This is a system for collecting battle pets – Astells. At the start, over 30 Astells are waiting for you, each of which has unique abilities and behavior. Some take damage, others enhance the characteristics of the character, and still others deal damage to enemies.

Our character is presented with a great variety of different tasks and, of course, a storyline that introduces players to the lore of the game. As with any MMORPG, the sooner you reach the maximum level, the better. As you level up, you will receive skill points that can be spent on improving skills. And at the maximum level, a choice of specialization will open, which has its own unique skills and features.

The main bias in the game is made on PVE. Picturesque locations teeming with dangerous monsters and mysterious dungeons with deadly opponents await you. At the moment, the game has over a dozen dungeons. They can be completed both in solo and in a group of 4 players. Well, if you want to get the most valuable things, then you can try to go through the dungeon at a higher difficulty level.

Neverwinter online

Seeing the title, you probably thought that we have an online sequel to the masterpiece Neverwinter Nights from Bioware and Obsidian, but no. The universe, of course, is the same, and when you enter the game you will see painfully familiar races – tieflings, halflings and many others, but of course, Neverwinter Online does not reach its older brothers . The RPGs have been cut down a lot, but it’s a damn cool MMO.

Before us is a non-target combat, good, but rendered impossible. It is not necessary to aim directly at the enemy, it is enough that the sight was at least near the enemy. Even so, fighting is a lot of fun. You have to dodge, use skills, which, by the way, do not require mana. So everything can be used immediately after the cooldown.

The world is not seamless and is divided into many territories and instances. A controversial decision, after all, people prefer the open world and the raid of bosses, for which they have to arrange PvP. But Neverwinter doesn’t have all of this. On the other hand, the game’s instance system is pretty well implemented. By completing a story quest, you can be transferred from location to location for cooperation with other gamers. There is also a workshop in the game, in which players can create their own tasks, and the most interesting are awarded with a reward. Quite an interesting feature, although it didn’t really work for me.

Neverwinter Online came out in 2013 and still feels pretty good. Isn’t this an indicator of quality?

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