The best games of the XXI century – 2000

How do we remember 2000? Presidential elections in Russia, economic growth in Asian countries, several wars … Each will have a different list of important events. But many will definitely agree on one thing – this year has become a truly gaming year, providing the world with hundreds of excellent projects, from which today we will choose the 10 best games of 2000.

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Metascore – 95 / User Score – 9.1

Today’s Bioware is known for the failed Anthem and the buggy Mass Effect: Andromeda . But some 20 years ago, everything was completely different. The studio developed games that the audience received warmly and with love, games that became “classics” from the first day and even after 20 years they are remembered and do not stop playing.

One of these projects was Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn . The developers managed to use all the technologies of that time, to add innovations and recreate a large, detailed and picturesque open world. Someone may remember a hardcore role-playing system, but even she could not stop an army of fans from exploring every corner and becoming more immersed in what was happening. Will Bioware ever return to its former glory?

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Vagrant Story
Metascore – 92 / User Score – 9.1

Vagrant Story is an action-RPG game made in full 3D. And despite the damp and gloomy dungeons of the medieval city of Lea Monde, there is something to admire here even 20 years later. True, there are a lot of distractions: the battle with monsters will be replaced by not always simple puzzles, which in turn will smoothly flow into another deadly skirmish. And despite the fact that the game never received a continuation or even a remake, the original turned out to be so good that even today it can lure gamers who are bored with masterpieces into their virtual dungeons.

Deus Ex
Metascore – 90 / User Score – 9.2

What happens if you attach a shooter to the stealth system, add a pinch of Adventure and multiply all this with RPG mechanics? The result is one of the best games of 2000 – Deus Ex . The oppressive atmosphere of a gloomy cyberpunk, amazing, even by today’s standards, gameplay elements. For example, if you are wounded in the arm, accuracy is impaired, and each task assigned can be completed in many different ways.

You can just run through a completely straight corridor, or you can use your brains to find at least three more ways. All this became possible thanks to the painstaking work of the level designer and developers in general. After all, here you have an addictive plot and advanced (for those times) graphics that completely immerse you in the process and make you believe in what is happening.

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Metascore – 89 / User Score – 8.7

It is impossible to determine the genre of Sacrifice for certain, here you have RPG, RTS, and 3D-action – some kind of hellish mixture turns out, and in the literal sense. The essence of the game is making a sacrifice. We take control of the magician and, by casting fireballs and unsightly-looking evil spirits, we fight with other such wizards. The main task of the entire confrontation is to make a sacrifice on the altar of the enemy.

At first glance, everything is simple, but there are so many details and subtleties that it will take more than one hour to chew them. Like most games of the time, Sacrifice was very hard to master, and despite its excellent black humor, good graphics and truly addictive gameplay, the game did not find a commercial success and did not receive a continuation, although many dreamed of it.

Metascore – 88 / User Score – 9.2

Many believe Counter-Strike was released in 1999, but it was just a beta version of the game, created by Min Lee and Jess Cliff based on the Half-life SDK . It was only in the spring of 2000 that Valve drew attention to the game , promising all kinds of support in development. The full release took place on November 8, 2000 under the name Counter-Strike 1.0 . Very soon, the project, which grew from a simple mod for Half-Life , became a cult project .

If you have ever visited the popular gaming clubs in those days, you knew what CS was and how to purchase all the necessary equipment within 1.5 seconds. Counter-Strike is a team based 3D action game that takes the genre to a whole new level. The graphics for that time looked incredibly realistic, especially against the background of Unreal Tournament and Quake III .

Although, in fact, gamers did not admire the graphics, but the simplicity. There are two eternally opposing sides – special forces and terrorists. To win, you need to either kill the enemy team, or complete a special task. It was enough to start playing, and it took years of training to become a real professional.

Diablo ii
Metascore – 88 / User Score – 8.8

Are there people on our planet who have not heard of Diablo II ? The game is a legend with which the third part will never be compared. However, on the release, they said about the same about her, predicting, if not a quick death, then an inglorious future. Awful technical implementation and network part including, which was generally unheard of for Blizzard . And there is nothing to say about the increased sales of hard drives, the game demanded so much space that fans were in fact rushing to upgrade their PCs.

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But gradually everything returned to normal and it turned out that Diablo II is just an evolution of the first part. However, it is worth remembering that Diablo is an ingenious game that attracts every gamer who dares to plunge into its world, and the second part, as the name suggests, did it with a vengeance.

Thief II: The Metal Age
Metascore – 87 / User Score – 8.9

Against the background of all of the above games, it is not entirely clear what is Thief II: The Metal Age doing here ? The game is far from the most beautiful graphics and not that addictive plot. However, the effect of each level was incredible. Each location is built at least brilliantly, and stealth mechanics, despite not always adequately reacting artificial intelligence, forced to look for a shadow even where there is none and frantically hide from the impending threat.

The most important advantage of the game is the sound. Where the eyes did not believe in what was happening, the picture was complemented by the ears. It is impossible to forget the feeling caused by the guard passing by: the heart was literally bursting out of the chest, and the body was pressed into the chair. And now, it seems that the danger has passed, but no! The guard who caught the rustle stops and looks directly at the hero. It was the end of not only the character, but also the player.

Shogun: Total war
Metascore – 84 / User Score – 8.6

How many people remember what Creative Assembly was up to before the Total War series ? The sports simulators created by the company were, of course, good, but the studio gained real fame only after the release of Shogun: Total War .

Taking control of one of the scattered clans, the player had to unite the once great Japan and end the bloodshed of the civil war. Shogun: Total War gameplay is divided into two parts: the global map and real-time battles. In the first case, there is a recruitment of the army, economic machinations and diplomatic intrigues, which in fact is just preparation for the inevitable second part.

Hundreds of soldiers lined up on the battlefield in real time, clashing face to face. It was here that you could feel like a real commander and show all your strategic skills. It is Shogun: Total War that is the ancestor of the great series that still captivates millions of gamers around the world.

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Metascore – 84 / User Score – 8.9

Not only Counter-Strike was popular in the gaming clubs of the early 2000s. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 was installed on every computer, and some probably still have it. The game was an RTS with very deep gameplay and thoughtful mechanics, perfectly seasoned with black humor and great parody.

Each mission deserves a separate paragraph in the satirical history textbook. Somewhere you need to capture the President of the United States, somewhere to destroy the nuclear weapons of Cuba, and each unit leaving the corresponding building in terms of creativity surpassed everything seen before: the Kirov airship, the Tesla tank, the disinfectant. These names still command the respect of players.

Somehow the developers managed to create not only gameplay mechanics for all time, but also graphics. The game does not need remasters, it still looks good.

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed
Metascore – 78 / User Score – 8.3

For more than 10 years, the Need for Speed series has been steadily sliding into an ever deeper abyss, fans have no choice but to recall its former greatness. One of the best titles in the series is Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed . The fifth part of NFS boasted stunning graphics and realistic physics. Of course, you might think that the Porsche car fleet cannot be called diverse, but in fact it included about a hundred cars, in Need for Speed ​​Heat there were slightly more than 120 at the start.

The soundtrack has also become an object of love, but attention to detail deserves most of all respect. On replays, you can clearly see how the suspension works; in the heat of the race, you can turn on the headlights and direction indicators. Having gone to the garage, you should definitely consider the car from all sides, look under the hood and into the trunk. The game is also suitable as an encyclopedia, because the history of each presented car is available here.

It was the TOP 10 best games of 2000 , but you should not limit yourself to this, because hundreds of other, no less good projects, which you can recall in the comments, remained outside the text.

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