The best goddesses in anime


Anime: Homeless God

The charming Bishamon opens our five. And no, this does not mean that she is in last place, there are no places in the article as a whole. A very strong character overall. Bishamon is the most powerful god of war, who is very reverent about her relics, calling them “children”.

Yato once called her – “Half-naked pervert”, which is generally the case, oh, this her combat suit …


Anime: Maybe I’ll meet you in the dungeon?

Next on our list is Hestia. Extremely peculiar especially in terms of character, but damn good in terms of appearance. Although, judging by the rest of the goddesses in this anime, the openness of EVERYTHING is the norm.

Patronizes the main character – Bella. Actually, he is the only person in her clan. Therefore, no wonder and fall in love as often happens in this kind of anime.

Bella is jealous of absolutely everyone that is feminine, trying at the same time to flirt with him unsuccessfully … Here is the poor thing.


Anime: This wonderful world!

Aqua, our next heroine, turned out to be an unenviable fate … Being the goddess of water and at the same time accompanying the dead people to other worlds, she met Kazuma … Unfortunately, after this meeting, she was only a goddess on paper …

Gambling, irresponsible, spender with zero intelligence and luck. At the same time, very funny and cute, in some moments πŸ™‚

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Rory Mercury

Anime: Gate: There Our Warriors Fight

Rory is not a god, here you will be right. She is a demigod, immortal, too. In the anime, she was around 960 years old. Outwardly, it resembles a very beautiful young girl of 19-20 years old. With typical childishness and sweetness.

Interestingly, she is the apostle Emroy, who feeds on evil souls, as well as a collector of these souls. Therefore, she was nicknamed “The Reaper”. During this “work” she experiences a very strong sexual desire, therefore, prefers to personally participate in the battles. In order to avoid these feelings;)


Anime: Spice and Wolf

What is the collection of goddesses without Holo? It would be foolish not to mention this to the goddess! The she-wolf, the goddess of the harvest, hails from the northern lands, nicknamed Yoitsu She made a pact with the villagers of Pasuroe, promising a bountiful harvest of wheat every year, alas. Time passed and Holo was mentioned less and less.

She decided to leave these lands, hiding in the wagon of Lawrence, the itinerant merchant. From that moment, her journey full of adventures began …

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