The court ordered the pagan parents not to oppress the daughter who converted to Islam

In India, the Madras High Court ruled that a 27-year-old local resident will regain her freedom and be able to practice Islam against the will of Hindu parents.

A graduate of the dental faculty, whose name was not disclosed, converted to Islam earlier this year, but Hindu parents, learning about this, arbitrarily placed their daughter under house arrest.

The Muslim convert managed to escape, and she turned to the police station for help. However, the girl’s parents also contacted the police, and law enforcement authorities extradited her to the family, after which the Muslim woman was again under house arrest.

The girl managed to file a lawsuit in a higher court, which, after considering the case, ruled on the immediate release of the Muslim woman and her parents’ unrestricted freedom.

Judges Satyanarayanan and Pugalendhi recalled that freedom of religion and religious practice exists in the country, and an adult girl has every right to convert to Islam.

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