The Elder Scrolls Lore. Redguards – A Brief History of the Desert People

Redguards are stereotypical warriors who possess excellent weapons and have remarkable stamina. They arrived from the now-destroyed continent of Yokud , where they fought with each other and with a people called the left-handed elves. Perhaps this is the very last nation that invaded the lands of Tamriel , destroyed its enemies and with the help of force and iron will was able to defend the conquered territories. In addition to the Redguards, Maormers , Sloads , Tsaesci and snow demons Kamal tried to invade Tamriel . All of them were waiting for death from the defenders of Tamriel, but the redguards were able to survive.

Since the advent of the Redguards in the deserts of Tamriel, they fought. First with the tribes of giant goblins, then with the orcs, and then with the Nedis. They captured the cities of the Bretons and Direnni. Over time, a split has ripened in society. Some of the Redguards began to accept the new realities of life in Tamriel, while the other part held fast to the old Yokudan foundations. Subsequently, a similar split in society gave rise to a national struggle between the Crowned and Predecessors.

After death, the redguards fall into the “Far Shores”. Far Shores is a safe haven for souls during the Famine of Satakal (devouring the world). This place was found by Ruptgoi, who showed this place to weak spirits.
Redguards, unlike the Dunmer, are excellent sailors, rightfully their fleet has long been considered the most powerful in all of Tamriel. Also in Hammerfell there is a caste of astrologers who observe the constellations and have their own observatory.

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Once the Redguards were the guardians of the knowledge of the “sword of the spirit.” Ansei of Singing Swords could materialize weapons directly from the void, they were almost invulnerable in battle, but still they were destroyed even on Yokud during the civil wars. In Tamriel, this knowledge has sunk into oblivion.

At the end of 2E, the Redguards are one of the few who were able to protect themselves from the massive expansion of the Empire. They were able to drive away the treacherous invaders, but after all they were forced to conclude an agreement with Tiber Septim on joining the Empire, but on their own terms.

In 4E, the Redguards alone were able to confront the Aldmeri Dominion. They left the Empire and are now independent of all neighboring kingdoms. In Hammerfell, most likely, a shaky truce between the Crowned beings and the Forerunners is preserved.

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