“What lies behind.” United States, 2000
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford
A happy couple falls into a strange situation. The ghost of a woman in distress begins to dream of his wife. Surrounding people consider her words hysterical antics or insanity, while her husband declares that she maliciously wants to distract him from his scientific career.

Claire (the name of the heroine) begins an independent investigation, which leads to unexpected results. And she no longer knows whether she wants to know the truth … Stop or go to the end?

The truth is not always easy to accept. Reality can be both frightening and sad … It is not obliged to adapt to our expectations. You can be angry at bad weather, but it will not change it. The weather does not depend on our interests. The same applies to other facets of reality: they are governed by a multitude of causal relationships, which are little dependent on us and our interests. Therefore, reality can cause many painful experiences.

And then the defense mechanisms of the psyche turn on, they want to save us from emotional pain. Among them is denial and ignoring. They “help” not to see that which is unpleasant. Sometimes it comes to the absurd. So, the mother of one of my patients with a diagnosis of “addiction” said: “I found syringes, ampoules, burnt spoons, plaits … but I could not even think that he was a drug addict!”

There is a psychophysiological dominant phenomenon, which our great compatriot A. A. Ukhtomsky wrote about 100 years ago: we see what we want to see, we expect to see. By a similar principle, we ignore what we don’t want to see; completely deny or do not attach importance, we forget …

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As in a joke:

– You hear only what you want to hear!
– What? Wine and chocolate? Of course I will!

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