The fury of the fearless Bedouins. The beginning of the Arab conquests.

When the prophet Muhammad called the citizens of Mecca and announced that he was the messenger of Allah, the relative of the prophet, the noble Abu Lahab, was indignant:

“And for this you called us all here?” Yes, so you fail!

But the main one in the clan of the prophet was the tolerant elder Abu Talib. He did not offend Muhammad. Abu Talib took protection of the first Muslims from the attacks of the Gentiles. But soon the old Abu Talib died and the head of the clan became Abu Lahab (the same hater who disliked Muhammad, advising him to fall underground).

Abu Lahab stripped the Prophet of his tribal protection and expelled him from the clan. The first companions of the prophet and he himself were severely persecuted by the Gentiles. But suddenly, the Bedouins (Arabic. “Steppes”) , ambassadors from the oasis of Yasrib, came to Muhammad from the desert .

Arabia was mired in endless internecine wars, and the people of the Yasrib oasis suffered heavy losses in that endless war, and desperation seized them that they could lose their home – the oasis of Yasrib. But when he learned that a prophet came to Mecca who proclaimed that all people are brothers and that brothers should live in peace, the people of the oasis decided to accept Islam and call the prophet to themselves, which will bring them the long-awaited peace.

Muhammad arrived in Yasrib, which will soon be renamed Medina (city of the prophet). In Mecca, noble pagans (opponents of the prophet) found out that Muhammad settled in Yasrib and the neighboring tribes accept Islam one by one and swear allegiance to him. This circumstance bothered them. To end the prophet, noble pagans sent a large army against Mohammed and the Bedouin Muslims.

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Under Badr, pagans and Muslims came together in opposition. The army of the Gentiles was huge in comparison with the army of Bedouin Muslims. Muhammad, seeing how huge the army of the Gentiles is, and in order to inspire his warriors before the battle, said that everyone who dies in battle, fighting, he will enter paradise.

The warrior Omeir ibn Alkhumam ate dates for himself, but when he heard the words of the prophet, he exclaimed:

– So! So between me and paradise is only death from these people?

He threw aside his beloved dates, drew his sword and, rushed to the enemies and he chopped a lot of them until he was cut down. And the gates of the Paradise of Heaven opened and everyone saw how a warrior had ascended into the gates of paradise.

Inspired Muslims rushed into battle. Unaware of any fear, they terrified the Gentiles and put them to flight. This victory strengthened their faith. More and more tribes joined Muhammad, and the Arab cities themselves opened their gates to him, for they believed that he was bringing peace to the lands of Arabia. Soon, Arabia united under the banner of Islam.

After the death of the prophet, believers chose a caliph (religious leader, heir to the prophet), and a young, hot wave of “holy war” went beyond the Arabian Peninsula. And the first to experience this “desire of paradise through death in battle” will be the Persians.

The Persians received a letter from an Arab commander named Khalid ibn Walid, which read: “I am coming to you with people who also love death, as you love life.” And soon on the plain of Cadizia, the Persians and Arabs met face to face.

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Armored Persian warriors watched the poor Bedouins of the nomads with charity. Experienced Persian warriors loudly mocked the army of shepherds that came to them from meager Arabian deserts.

The nomadic Bedouins knew how to raid and loved this affair. However, they did not know how to wage full-scale wars like the Persians did, but the banner of Islam was now developing above them, foreshadowing heavenly grace.

And the battle began, which hitherto history did not know. For four days, a terrible battle lasted, neither day nor night. The blow of the Persians was powerful, but the Arabs did not run. Thousands of Muslims sacrificed themselves, inspiring their brothers for a feat and surprising the Persians with their fearlessness. Regardless of the losses, the Arabs fought, fiercely attacked the Persians, screaming “Allah is Great!” The battlefield. At some point, the Persians could not stand it and ran away.

Thus began the era of Arab conquest.

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