“The guest from the future” on the lie detector told about the appearance of newcomers in 2028

A “Guest from the Future” named Noah claims that aliens are fascinated by the culture and life of people on Earth. The existence of alien life will be confirmed in 2028, this is what the “time traveler” who allegedly arrived in 2030 says on the lie detector.

In addition, Noah said that aliens should not be afraid, because the aliens are fascinated by people. He adds that an entire delegation of people consisting of high-ranking politicians and other influential personalities will meet the aliens.

“The Time Traveler” says that the aliens will be impressed by the farming, as they themselves have never produced anything, so what they see just shocks them.

Noah claims that he was sent back to 2018 as a punishment for participating in a team that failed to fulfill a government mission in 2030.

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