The Hateful Eight: Video Game Characters You Can’t Trust

Vladimir Lem from the Max Payne dilogy

Acquaintance with the leader of the Russian mafia in New York takes place in the first part, when Vladimir helps a former policeman with the search for Don Punchinello, and along the way even becomes Max’s best friend. But there are no friends in the mafia, there are only common interests, right?

At least, the sequel pushes to this conclusion. Obsessed with the desire to seize the leadership in the underworld of New York, Lem hires killers from the gang “Cleaners” and with their help skillfully pits his enemy in the criminal world Alfred Woden with his friend Max Payne, remaining as if he had nothing to do with it.

The dastardly plan falls apart when Mona Sachs intervenes, Max’s affair with which began in the first part. Together they fight off the “Cleaners”, save Alfred Woden and Lem has no choice but to get down to business himself. The clash of former friends is the most dramatic moment of the second part, in which Lem explains his motivation and contemptuously taunts Max, confident in his victory.

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Atlas / Fontaine from the Bioshock dilogy

Continuing the theme of the mafia, one cannot help but recall Frank Fontaine – a swindler, a swindler and just a criminal genius. Not only that, Fontaine’s role in the Bioshock dilogy is a great illustration of what happens when crime goes into politics and seizes power.

According to gaming lore, idealist and billionaire Andrew Ryan founds the underwater city of Rapture, and populates it with several thousand of the best scientists, inventors, artists and other creators from around the world. Despite strict rules, including no surface contact, Rapture thrives.

Having learned about the existence of the underwater city, Fontaine sees in it an opportunity to realize his criminal talents. Having gained confidence in Ryan, he creates a black market for smuggled goods, informally covering the needs of the townspeople. Already in the city, Fontaine realizes that Ryan’s utopia will sooner or later “collapse” and become an easy prey for robbery. And he decides to speed up this process.

Fontaine fakes death and returns in the form of Atlas – a simple fisherman and a humble freedom fighter. With the help of mutants, Fontaine terrorizes the population, undermining Ryan’s authority, and at the same time, in the form of Atlas, fools his head with fiery speeches about terrorizing power and rights for the lower classes of citizens.

The player, having first appeared in Rapture, for a long time walks on Fontaine’s leash, “fighting the tyranny of the capitalist Ryan”, simultaneously destroying everything in his path. And only closer to the finale it becomes clear that he was led by the nose and the real picture of what is happening, in fact, is different.

Zither from Far Cry 3

Plot Far Cry 3 revolves around the confrontation between the hero Jason Brody and the antagonist Vaas Montenegro. However, in this story about the wild Rakyat tribe living on an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there was a place for scoundrels. We are talking about Zithra, the leader of the Rakyat, whose attention Jason is seeking at the beginning of the game, as she also fights against the Vaasa pirates and Hoyt’s mercenaries.

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In any case, it is stated so. But Citra pursues, first of all, the interests of the tribe, which is fully revealed in the ending. Jason, in love with Citra and seduced by it, cracks down on Vaas and Hoyt, proving that he is the strongest of the Rakyats and worthy to become part of the tribe.

The matter is small – to give up the past life, girl, friends and desire to return to the bosom of civilization. If you accept this offer, Jason will kill his girlfriend and will participate in a wild ritual, the purpose of which is to conceive a child with Citra, after which she will kill Jason right on the altar. From the position of the tribe, Citra did everything right – she used an alien to throw off the yoke of pirates and mercenaries, and also got rid of the alien that had become unnecessary.

Immersed in the world of the game, somehow you don’t really notice the savagery of the proposal: to kill the girl and friends in order to join the “tribe”, which, in fact, will betray you right after coition with the savage leader. Zither is definitely not a saint. She teased Jason, and when he dealt with Vaas, dismissively called the latter a weakling. If Jason had lost, he would have been among the weaklings.

Glados / Wheatley from Portal dilogy

The appearance of this couple in this top can cause a lot of controversy, but they are, in fact, the same. When they first appear, nothing portends trouble: Glados and Wheatley are concerned about the state of Chell’s heroine, talk politely (or even with respect) to her, then pull her out of the rest chamber and offer to get out of the portal testing laboratory, passing a series of simple tests.

However, already in the first third of the game, it turns out that Glados / Wheatley are pursuing exclusively their own interests, and if Chell is not going to act according to their plan, they do not care about Chell’s condition. So, Glados had no intention of letting Chell leave the development center … alive. Therefore, with the end of the test program, he decides to simply get rid of it, for which he tries to throw it into acid, burn it, or crush it.

Moving further through the plot and avoiding traps, the player sees how Glados either loses his calmness and yells at the player, promising to suffocate with a neurotoxin, then politely but primitively tries to “negotiate”, luring him with a party, cake and companion cube. And even inPortal 2 Glados does not consider himself guilty, shifting all the responsibility to Chell:

Ah, it’s you … I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you? I was so busy while I was dead. Well, after you killed me. Okay, look, we’ve both said a lot that you’ll regret. But now we must forget all our differences. For science. You are a monster.

Wheatley is just as disgusting. At first, he, though shaking with fear of Glados, helps Chell as much as possible. But as soon as he himself finds himself in the slot of the laboratory manager, he immediately forgets about his promises and mutual assistance, deciding to kill Chell and Glados under the cries that he has achieved everything himself and does not owe anything to the player.

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At the end of Portal 2, Wheatley is desperately trying to kill the heroine, destroying entire blocks of the complex, and later, during a fight with Chell, he is very actively defending himself. As soon as you pull it out of the manager’s slot, the reverse transformation takes place: whining ingratiatingly, Wheatley immediately remembers his promises. However, it will not help him.

Arthas from WarCraft 3

There is no story sadder in the world than the story of the paladin prince of Lordaeron, who was called to save his people, who became a traitor and king of the undead. The image of Arthas and his transition to the evil side through the desire to eradicate him at any cost has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most convincing in the industry, and the opportunity to personally observe the character’s slippery slope raised the value a lot.WarCraft 3 .

However, for all the tragedy and drama, Arthas is a loathsome character. Because of his stubbornness, he first slaughters the population of the Alliance city, so that it does not turn into undead, and then recklessly rushes into an adventure. Despite the warnings of his friends and mentor, he goes in pursuit of the demon to the northern continent of Northrend, where he loses his soul and falls under the influence of Frostmorn.

Back in Lordaeron, Arthas insidiously kills his father, King Terenas, and begins to destroy the kingdom for the benefit of the Scourge and the Lich King, setting the stage for the demonic legion’s invasion. And when the summoning ritual is performed, Arthas indignantly realizes that the Legion does not need it, completing the classic arc of any betrayal – the traitor was used and abandoned.

Samuel Drake from Uncharted 4

Years have passed since Uncharted 3 . Nathan Drake lives a quiet family life with Elena and works as a diver. And then suddenly the elder brother Sam, whom everyone believed dead, appears and asks Nathan to help with the search for the treasure of the pirate Henry Avery, which they dreamed of in childhood. Can I refuse? It is possible, but Sam will not find the treasure alone, and he himself will be killed, since he escaped from prison with the help of the drug mafia.

Nathan Drake is no stranger to being tricked by pirates, mercenaries, and ex-girlfriends. But not a brother. Only he could do it so truthfully that Nathan lied to his wife, abandoned his usual way of life and thrust into Sam’s adventure, who, in fact, was not in danger.

What makes Sam a good liar is arrogance and confidence. Like the pirates playing a central role in the plot of the game, Sam lies to everyone to such an extent that it is no longer clear where his personal interests are, where the interests of the brothers intersect, and where they coincide and they need to help each other.

At times, Sam’s lies left the players bewildered, showed his cunning and selfishness. After the scriptwriters managed to rehabilitate him in the eyes of his brother (and the player), to earn forgiveness. To later prove himself a hypocrite, driven by a lust for profit, especially closer to the endUncharted 4.

Goro Akechi from Persona 5 Royal

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Japanese RPGs are well known for their deep, hours-long plots and Persona 5 is no exception. In history, there was a place not only for a very complex narrative with several antagonists, but also for a traitor.

It’s about Goro Akechi. When he first appears, he makes a positive impression: an excellent student, a principled detective, leading an investigation. Yes, he is cunning, but he is also smart and has an excellent reputation.

As the player and teammates investigate a series of strange “mental blackouts” that kill people, Goro is skeptical of their skills, but later unexpectedly joins the group, wanting to help.

In fact, Akechi does not have any kind feelings for the player’s squad and at some point will try to kill the heart thief. He has his own goal – to use the protagonist to take revenge on his father for the ruined childhood. A couple of years before the events of the game, Goro fell into the trap of his revenge and his father used him to kill his opponents. Unable to get out of the vicious circle and committed murders, Goro dies.

General Shepard from Modern Warfare 2

The original Modern Warfare trilogy made the entire Call of Duty franchise incredibly popular, thanks in large part to its high-quality and gripping storyline, which was not without betrayal. It all started back inModern Warfare , when terrorists detonated an atomic bomb during a US Army operation in the Middle East.

According to the plot, at that moment 30 thousand Marines died, which the commander of the invasion forces, General Herschel von Shepard III (pictured above), perceived as an insult to himself and the country. The fight against the increased terrorist threat allowed NATO to create a special forces detachment Task Force 141, which included the well-known captain Price, “Soup”, “Ghost”, “Roach” and others, and was led by Shepard. But, no matter how hard the player tried, the group’s missions were rather a failure.

As it turns out in the ending Modern Warfare 2 , the reason lies in Shepard’s initial betrayal of everyone and everything. To remind of the subordinates who died in the Middle East, he decides to unleash a Russian-American war, for which he colludes with the Russian nationalist Vladimir Makarov.

Makarov arranges a terrorist attack at a Moscow airport (the notorious “Not a word in Russian” mission), and Shepard sends his agent there, whom Makarov kills, leaving as evidence of “American aggression.” And although Price and “Sope” manage to eliminate Shepard at the end of MW2, it is separately disgusting that his actions were never revealed and he was buried with honors, but Task Force 141 members were declared traitors and began to be searched for.

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