The head of the FSB spoke about the threat of anti-Islamic terrorism

FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov stated the strengthening of nationalist sentiments throughout the world, which gave rise to such a phenomenon as anti-Islamic terrorism, Interfax reports . 

Bortnikov spoke about a new conference on countering international terrorism in St. Petersburg.

According to the head of the FSB, the growth of nationalism is conducive to the formation of lone killers who prey on Muslims.

“As a result, the emergence of cold-blooded psychopathic killers, carrying out plans to kill Muslims, is becoming an alarming trend not only for Europe, but, as the tragedy in New Zealand has shown, for the whole world,” the FSB head added.

He also noted that racism itself is provoked by migration processes, namely, their negative consequences. The case in point is the difference in mentality, the aggressive behavior of some migrants and the crimes they commit, the expert specified. 

The victims of a terrorist who attacked two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand on March 15 were 50 people, dozens more were injured.

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