The headless body of a millionaire was found next to an electric saw

According to preliminary data, the dead is a 33-year-old businessman Fahim Saleh. He bought an apartment last year for $ 2.25 million. Saleh owned a delivery startup in Nigeria , and was also associated with the venture capital industry. According to law enforcement sources, detectives expect evidence to be found on the body.

The body was found by the sister of the deceased. She came to the apartment of her brother, whom she had not seen during the day, where she found a dismembered corpse. According to the sources of the publication, the surveillance camera in the elevator could capture the last minutes of a man’s life: the video shows that a man in gloves and a mask followed the deceased. After the man left the elevator, he fell – perhaps he was shot or stunned.
According to the police, the offender acted professionally.

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