The heirs of Alexander the great: what happened to the sons of the king after his death

Alexander the Great managed to conquer vast territories during his short reign. He expanded his father’s empire to incredible proportions and went down in history as one of the greatest military leaders. Few people know, but the king had heirs who could rule a powerful empire. What happened to the great Macedonian state after his sudden death and how the fate of his heirs developed, we will tell in our material.

For 12 years of military campaigns, Alexander the Great conquered many states located to the south and east of Macedonia. His empire gradually included Egypt, various states of Asia Minor, Syria, Babylonia, the Persian state, as well as Bactria, located in Central Asia. His invincible army even defeated the army of the Indian king, which included fearsome elephants. New provinces were part of the empire one after another, providing its ruler with the glory of an almighty commander. But it all ended unexpectedly: at the age of 32, the legendary king was gone.

Empire of Alexander the Great at the time of his death

At the time of his death, Alexander the Great had three official wives, as well as several concubines. From his relationship with Barsina, the daughter of one of the Persian governors, the son of Hercules was born. At the time of his father’s death, the boy was 4 years old. Together with his mother, he lived at a distance from the court and was not considered as a contender for the throne. A month after the death of the great commander Roxanne, one of his official wives gave birth to a son, Alexander. The boy began to be called the legal heir, but since he was small, he needed co-rulers. Then a merciless war for power in the empire began, which ended in its destruction.

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The Macedonian empire was based on the strong power of the military elite – the chief commanders of its numerous troops occupied leading positions in the state, and those closest to the king ruled the provinces. It was the Diadochi – the main commanders and close associates of Macedonian – who plunged his empire into chaos, starting a struggle for power.

Barsina’s son and his mother lived for a long time away from political intrigue. But Roxana and her son Alexander, the legitimate heir to the throne, were held hostage by the bloody division of the empire. For many years they were actually kept under arrest on the orders of Cassandra, one of the active participants in the struggle for the empire. As the son of the governor of Macedonia, he was a confidant of Alexander the Great, but this did not prevent him from eliminating his mother Olympias and the young heirs. By order of Cassander, both sons of Alexander the Great, who at that time were 14 and 18 years old, were killed.

For 22 years after the death of Macedonian, the military leaders loyal to him divided up a huge empire, waging constant wars, building intrigues and eliminating competitors. As a result, the grandiose state disintegrated into a number of separate ones, each of which went its own way along the path of world history.

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