The main theories on the “Game of Thrones”. Has it come true?

Well, let’s summarize. What did happen in the final?

1 theory.

No matter how many people counted, White walkers did not show us. The creators of the series finally closed this storyline in the third series of the eighth season, even though they left so many questions, but we had to finally say goodbye to these fantastic creatures in “Long Night”

2, 3, 4 theory, we will unite them, since they were all connected with Deieris. Murder, execution, change of faces … We assumed two deaths for Deieris at once: at the hands of Arya or at the hands of John. And our 3 theory was confirmed-John killed Deaneris. After a conversation with Tyrion, who opens his eyes to all the actions of Burerozhdennaya, he precisely decides to go on a conversation with her, but what he sees is her insanity and decides to end this forever by kissing his beloved, kills her. Separately, I would like to note that it was very emotional and just beautifully shot.

5 Theory-Who Will Take the Iron Throne? The main theory was that Jendry Baratheon could rule the Seven Kingdoms. But no, he remained the Lord of the Stormmouth, whom Deaneris made him. But Bran Stark (Bran the Broken) becomes King of the Six Kingdoms. He was chosen as king because he has the best life story of those lords present who were there.

6 theory-We talked about what will happen to the North. And on the council where the King was elected, Sanz reminded that the North would be better to exist as a separate kingdom and the people who live there do not trust the Southern King. Thus calling Sansa Stark-Queen of the North.

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7 Theory-Dragon Eggs. In the final episode, we saw Drogon, who melted the Iron throne with his flame, after the death of his Mother. He took her body and flew away. No, the dragon did not set aside the laying of eggs, but put his end to this story.

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