The manager spoke about the first reaction of Nurmagomedov to the attack of MacGregor.

Manager Habib Nurmagomedova spoke about how the Russian lightweight behaved when Conor McGregor attacked a bus with participants in the UFC 223 tournament .

“The first thing I wanted to do was jump out of the bus. And Habib sat and smiled, ”said Ali Abdelaziz in the next issue of the Hotboxin podcast. “I was so angry because 20-30 guys ambushed us and I wanted to jump out of the bus, but Ilir Latifi grabbed me. He is a light heavyweight. I really wanted to get off the bus because I didn’t want to be locked up when they tried to kill me. ”

“Then Habib told me, ‘Hey, calm down. When gangsters arrive, they don’t bring video cameras. ” Because along with Conor there were people who filmed everything on video. Habib said, “real gangsters are not filming.” He simply sat and did not get up. Habib smiled. When all this happened, he did not even rise from his seat. ”

Recall that Habib Nurmagomedov settled with Conor MacGregor at UFC 229 , finishing the Irish with submission in the fourth round.

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