The mass exodus of Russians from Putin’s Russia

The “Project” publication analyzed Rosstat’s data on the number of Russians leaving abroad and proved their repeated underreporting by official statistics. The study was made on the basis of official data on Russians arriving for permanent residence in certain foreign countries and their comparison with Rosstat data.

So, in the last report on this in 2017, the Rosstat reported that 377 thousand people left Russia for the year. Even according to these data, it is 3 times more than the number of those who left in 2012. All in all, for the third term of the “great national leader who raised the country from its knees and forced the whole world to reckon with it,” 1 million 700 thousand Russians left it.

However, the reality is much worse. The study “Project” shows how the data of Rosstat correspond with the data of the countries to which the Russians are leaving.

So, if according to Rosstat, 4,694 Russians left for Germany, then according to official data of the German side – 24,983. Similarly, the situation is the same for other countries: for the USA this difference is 9 times, for the Czech Republic – 12 times, for Hungary – 14 times.

On average for the 24 countries analyzed in the study, this difference was 600%. Accordingly, according to data taken from open sources, in 2017, 10.6 million people or 7% of its population left Russia. And even if part of this figure falls on those who are just about to create a spare airfield for themselves, acquiring long-term visas abroad, this is a very clear indicator of their plans and intentions …

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According to these data, in terms of the number of countries migrating from them, Russia came in third place in the world after India and Mexico.

Mostly able-bodied people leave Russia – their average age is 34 years. For 2017, the number of persons with higher education among them increased 4 times.

Actually, in this connection one could say a lot – bright and colorful. But it seems that comments in this case are superfluous …

The only thing we want to add in this regard – apparently, the Muslim emigration from Russia remains unaccounted for so far (meaning Muslims – citizens of Russia). One of the reasons for this is that Muslims leave mainly to countries with a visa-free regime for Russians, and prefer not to officially record the fact of their departure for permanent residence.

In a word, there is a mass exodus of Russians from Putin’s Russia – both Muslims and the most ordinary, who do not see their future in it. 

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