The most difficult Dota 2 heroes

Arc Warden
As for me, this is a very difficult hero. It is impossible to win on it without proper micro and macro control. It is difficult to win on this hero on your own without proper space from the team. To achieve maximum efficiency from Ark, you must be able to press all skills and objects with an illusion according to the timings. It is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Either start to actively play on it and learn everything, or just don’t start.

This is the hero who gets picked on the last pick and wins most games in solo. They even take him to the lastpick in a tournament, they end up playing with huge CDA and damage. The difficulty of the hero is that you have to watch out for all your illusions. If at least one dies, then the hero automatically dies. And it’s not easy. You will have 3 copies (with Aghanim 4), which you must skillfully manage. Good luck.

Like any “difficult” hero, he has controlled units. Playing as Lucan, you must squeeze Purge for the archer and camp for the centaur who was tamed by the Dominator. That is, you have 5 controlled creatures and 2 of them you must press the button by timing. For some it is very easy, but for most it is difficult.

The best hero for raising a solo mmr. Yes, you need to be able to press a lot of buttons on it, but if you learn to press these same buttons, then in almost every game you will be impossible to kill. Everyone knows a bunch of morph + shaker or morph + earthy spirit. The hero simply rolls into enemies, presses fat on everyone, slows down and simply destroys everyone. Again, I repeat, a very strong hero for apa mmr.

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Why is this hero difficult? By the fact that you have to press buttons on 3 pandas. Stun, Cyclone, Area Purge also doesn’t seem easy for most players. And pressing the ult is best when you get killed. One thing only makes me happy that now the hero is not in the meta and you do not need to be able to play it. We are waiting for patch 7.28.

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