The most populous cities in Europe TOP 10

There are many cities in European countries. And if in some there are several thousand people, then in others it goes into the millions. What cities are included in the TOP 10 most densely populated in Europe?

10th place. Minsk (Belarus)

Minsk The capital of the Republic of Belarus opens the list of the most densely populated European cities, located on the Svisloch River. For the state, the capital’s center is of great importance, since it is the heart of transport links and contains many important industrial enterprises on its territory, which also makes Minsk an important object from an economic and scientific point of view.

The population is: 2,018,281 people.

9th place. Paris, France

On the banks of the Seine lies the capital of France, which is famous for one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world – the Eiffel Tower. More sophisticated geographers also know that Paris is home to the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and other famous sites. Despite the fact that its area is only 105 sq. Km, many people live in the city.

The population is: 2 206 488 people.

8th place. Rome, Italy

Rome The Italian capital, founded in 753 BC, is considered one of the oldest cities on Earth. Its territory is located on seven hills, which is why buildings occupy only 25% of the area of ​​Rome, and the rest of the land is set aside for various objects and plots equipped for the peculiarities of the landscape. The city had a great influence on the development of Italian culture and retained many ancient sights.

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The population is: 2 875 805 people.

7th place. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Kiev boasts a rich history. Founded in the 5th century, due to its territorial location (on the Dnieper River), it became an important object in Russia, and later received the nickname “mother of Russian cities”. Later, he became the capital of the Ukrainian Republic, and in 1991 he took the same post in the newly formed Ukraine. Also, Kiev during the Soviet era received the title of “Hero City” for the courage of the population, shown during the Second World War.

The population is: 2 967 360 people.

6th place. Madrid, Spain

Madrid Madrid is the largest city in Spain and contains many attractions. It is not known exactly when the capital appeared, but the first mentions of it are found in manuscripts of the first half of the 10th century, where it is called “Magerit”. Now Madrid is an important economic center of the country.

The population is: 3 165 541 people.

5th place. Berlin, Germany

Berlin On the banks of the Havel and Spree rivers lies the capital of Germany, which in terms of area (891.68 sq. Km) ranks fourth among the settlements of the European Union. After World War II, the city was divided into parts by the Berlin Wall and only in 1990 was united.

The population is: 3 644 826 people.

4th place. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg The cultural capital of Russia occupies the fourth line of the TOP. St. Petersburg is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and all this is due to the large number of attractions and beautiful buildings. Peter is also famous for its cloudy climate and a lot of rain, which is not uncommon for the Neva area.

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The population is: 5 398 064 people.

3rd place. London, Great Britain

London The capital of Great Britain opens the top three densely populated European cities. London is the largest city in England, with an area of ​​1572 square meters. km. Few people know, but the settlement was founded by the Romans in 43 AD. and was called “Londarium”.

The population is: 8 908 081 people.

2nd place. Moscow, Russia

Moscow The capital of the Russian Federation ranks second. Moscow has long become the main city of the country, where residents of not only neighboring cities, but also states come. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of its inhabitants is quite large.

The population is: 12 678 079 people.

1 place. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul The Turkish city is in the first place. It is located on the shores of the Bosphorus and is divided into European and Asian parts. It is an important economic and industrial center for the state. Istanbul was founded in 667 BC. and is considered the first city in Europe to break the one million mark.

The population is: 15,025,231 people.

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