The most Ugly concubine of the harem of Sultan Suleiman

As the rules in the harem of the padishahs, the most slender, beautiful, smart and lovely girls from all over the world were selected.

But once it turned out that a slave, who was significantly different from all the inhabitants of the seraglio and not for the better, got into the harem of the newly made Sultan Suleiman.

And the young lady herself, once in the company of the most beautiful girls, quickly realized that she was losing them a lot. But instead of giving up and getting upset, she decided to play her own game.

The inhabitants of the harem themselves, however, like the eunuchs and the calves, seeing this girl unanimously agreed that she would not stay in the harem for a long time and that in a year, she would face the fate of a tent of aging women .

After all, not only was she outwardly very different – she was short, had excess weight, unnatural hair color, and also had a very absurd character.

For some unknown reason, outwardly inferior to everyone in the harem and being a foreigner, on the contrary, she considered herself higher and better than everyone else. She did not show her respect to either the members of the Sultan family, or the servants of the harem, or other slaves.

She scared everyone around with her assertiveness and self-confidence and her superiority. Moreover, she did it so arrogantly and arrogantly that soon everyone around her began to believe in her exceptionalism.

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The only person to whom she showed her true face to whom she revealed her soul and to whom she obeyed without question was Sultan Suleiman himself.

As a result, despite the large excess weight, expressionless facial features and colorlessly bright hair color, it was this slave who could become that very special one.

She made everyone around her acknowledge her superiority and respect herself. She herself needed recognition and love of only one person – Sultan Suleiman.

The name of this ugly woman is known today to everyone – Haseki Hürrem-Sultan Hazretliri.

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