The real masters of the world are always in the shadow. Baruch – whose oldest family serve the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers

The government decided … Often, hearing this phrase, people think about who actually made an important choice? And is it true that at least one of the decision makers is related to the leadership of the state? Sometimes these thoughts come to mind: sometimes the affairs of rulers are too contradictory and illogical.

But this is only because ordinary citizens see events from their place. And if you try to change the point of reference? Will the events of world history seem more understandable then?

The world is not ruled by kings and presidents. All those who have the real power – and she in the hands of the rich. Five hundred years ago, clans of genuine rulers formed in Western Europe — these were several powerful Jewish families. Gradually, by the grains of gaining their first states, they formed a kind of caste, even marriages were made within their secret community. Baruhi was one such family. Since the beginning of the XVII century, the history of the bank they created under the name Standard Chartered Bank has been leading. Publicity in financial transactions is not needed, and even dangerous. Bankers have always sought to ensure that they know less. Therefore, nothing is known for certain about how this rich family lived.

So the years went on, and at the end of the XIX century Baruchs decided to move to America. This young country represented incredible opportunities for business and capital increase. Anyone who was ambitious enough, and was not afraid to take risks, could count on success.

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Bernard Baruch was no exception. In his youth he chose which way to go. Baruch became a broker on the exchange. His success was amazing. The young man had instinct and business acumen, he worked only alone, not trusting anyone and not relying on anyone’s support. A draw – except for your family.

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He became the head of his own brokerage company, Baruch continued the same tactics. In his plans, he did not dedicate anyone. Perhaps that is why Baruch was lucky.

Baruch became crowded in the financial world. Speculation on the exchange, even with millions of contracts, did not bring real power. He understood: to get more, you have to move in a different direction. The path of Baruch lay in politics. Having provided financial support in the presidential election to Wilson, the financier did not lose. After the victory of his candidate, the stock speculator was able to enter into the circle of his entourage and got access to the affairs of the military-industrial complex.

At the same time, with his filing in the US, the issue of money was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve System.

Since then, his weight in American politics has only grown. Baruch understood: you can quickly and legally enrich yourself in the arms trade. And for this you need a war. Bloody, large-scale, and better world. Let everyone fight with everyone – after all, America is far away, enemy ships will not reach it, and the guns will not reach. Together with Baruch, she grew rich and America. Without losing any territory or infrastructure in a world war, the country emerged from it more powerful. The wise advice of the financier and his quirky mind played a significant role in this.

And the country faced new challenges. The young Soviet state was formed on the ruins of the collapsed Russian Empire. What to do with her? The political system of the USSR, it seemed, did not give room for maneuver. Only opposition, only sanctions.

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However, Baruch argued differently. He was able to look at the decades ahead, and gave the US leadership an idea: not to close the door to the Soviets. To finance the development of industry. To help rebuild the metallurgical industry, start the automotive industry. Tractor, automobile, steel plants in the Union were built – with American money. Then a stage of diplomatic recognition followed – and Soviet diplomats reached America.

Then came the next stage. It was necessary to create a crisis in the economy of America. Sounds unbelievable? But in what other way could Baruch bring the fledged American businessmen to an understanding: it is necessary to invest in the military-industrial complex? And in the late twenties there was a financial crisis. However, Baruch prepared for him quite well, and his pockets were not empty. He had long ceased to speculate in stocks, knowing that they would soon not be worth a penny. His funds were invested in low-yield government bonds – and survived thanks to this.

In the thirties, thanks to Baruch, the USA made a billionth adventure. By blackmail and intrigue of the Chinese ruler, Chiang Kai-shek was forced to exchange China’s gold reserves for shares. The Chinese could not refuse – the price was life.

At the same time, Baruch helped America take the next step on the path to world domination. The USSR and Germany, two irreconcilable enemies, recovered from the losses of the war and were full of strength. They needed to push each other in order to make a profit they had never seen before. As it is known now, the plan was executed with brilliance.

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The war began. Baruch seemed to know exactly how events would develop. He distributed military orders, the development of promising areas depended on him. At the same time, the US leadership understood what Baruch was seeking. Domination over the whole world – that’s what he lacked. But what could they do against the powerful and cunning devil?

The whole world lay in ruins. And only the United States ended the war not only in the status of the winner of fascism, but also with a multiply increased capital. By that time, the dollar was proclaimed a world currency. The country’s influence in the post-war world, backed by untold wealth, was so great that the rest, except the USSR, had nothing to oppose.

But the Soviet Union managed to restore nuclear parity, and adequately met the challenge of America. She failed to subjugate the whole world to herself – at least at that moment.

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