The replenishment of the Kate Middleton family caused a scandal

Most of Queen Elizabeth’s subjects adore the charming and sweet Duchess of Cambridge. And every time with joy they are greeted with news about future replenishment in her family. However, as it turned out, not everyone has such warm feelings for Kate Middleton and her children.

The other day, one of the duchess’s ill-wishers recalled an official open letter, which at one time was addressed to the wife of Prince William. And also about what reaction then caused her behavior. This is a message from a fairly authoritative organization – Having Kids, which deals, among other things, with the problems of planning births.

Then – in the summer of 2017 – Kate arrived with her husband William on an official visit to Poland. And when one of the fans gave her a children’s toy, the duchess, in whom George and Charlotte were already growing up, exclaimed: “Oh, William and I definitely need to have another baby!” It was to this remark of the duchess that the representatives of Having Kids reacted. She was sent a long letter in which the president of the society, Karte Dillar, and his executive director, Ann Green, expressed hope that Kate would refrain from giving birth to a third child. In their message, they indicated that they considered: Kate, as a very visible and respected figure, should, by personal example, promote the correct views. Indeed, in the face of a growing environmental crisis and uncontrolled population growth, it is necessary, according to the authors of the letter, to promote birth control. And the appearance of another child in the royal family will force many to follow the example of Kate and William, which is extremely undesirable.

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The spouse of the prince then did not answer anything to this letter. And in the autumn of that year it became known that she was expecting a third child . And then representatives of Having Kids directly called her behavior irresponsible, which caused a scandal. Note that this story was remembered now not by chance. After all, there are persistent rumors that Kate can give birth to a fourth child. Although this, most likely, still will not happen. Indeed, last year during a visit to Ireland to the direct question: “What about the fourth child?” the duchess laughed. And then she said: “I’m afraid William would be worried about this prospect!

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