The riddle of the emperor Barbarossa

Most of us went to school for a very long time. And the mention of the word “Barbarossa” will be remembered, at best, by Hitler’s plan to capture the USSR or a Turkish pirate who lived in the 15-16 centuries. Someone may remember that this word means “red” or red beard. And only those who taught history very well and managed not to forget it yet will remember that there was such a German emperor in the 12th century. Yes, not just the emperor, but one of the leaders of the Crusades.

So, meet again: Frederick.

So it is painted by our contemporaries. But there is such an image.
Something tells them that they were closer to the truth. This is the year 1160. Intravital image.

By the way, in the picture only part of the bronze ware. It completely looks like this, enjoy:

Wikipedia gives us a listing of his titles: Frederick I Hohenstaufen – King of Germany since 1152, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire since 1155, Duke of Swabia in 1147-1152 under the name Frederick III. He received the nickname of Barbarossa in Italy because of his reddish beard. I will not describe everything that he did from 1122, when he was born, until 1190. For my story is not about his life, but somewhat the opposite. For us, in this case, it is important that he took part in the second Crusade (see, arrows at sea), and then went on land to the third. See, the track ends at the place of death?

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So here. Frederick was a supporter of the spread of knightly troops in his army. Real, in heavy armor. And he himself was an example of such a right knight. Which played a cruel joke with him: on June 10, 1190, crossing this river (honestly stealing a photo from a person who selflessly traveled to this river), the emperor fell into the water. And that’s all. I could not get up quickly in my pieces of iron – heavy ones. Well, he was already quite a few years old. And the river, they say, was then with whirlpools. Pulled out, of course, in the end. But it’s’ too late.

By the way, this is in Turkey, if noticed on the map. The river is called Selif. But all this was the background …

But it should be noted that Frederick was dragging himself to Jerusalem due to the fact that in 1187 he was taken from the crusaders Salah al-Din. It was for this reason that the emperor could not be buried in the capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem (they did not begin to bury in Turkey, they say, they even embalmed). I had to bury to the north. In the city of Tire that replaced Jerusalem, which is now in Lebanon. I AMalready said that there was originally an island that a tourist from Greece added to the rest of the land with a dam. Alexander Filippovich M. It will be necessary later to tell in more detail about this story. In general, Tire at that time (12-13 centuries) served as the capital lost by the crusaders. There was a kingdom of Jerusalem without Jerusalem. So now this former island looks from above (the cathedral near the green point).

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They repose the unsuccessful emperor in Tyr Cathedral, it was one of the most pompous and huge buildings of this type, built by the crusaders in the region. There, another interesting character was buried, Conrad of Monferrat. He deserves a separate story, a terrific adventurer was. The cathedral was built in the 12th century. These are archival photos, these walls have not reached us yet.

You see, there was still quite a lot from the building. This is the 19th century yet.

In 1291, the Crusaders were expelled from the Mameluke region. The cathedral was eventually destroyed. And Tire, by the way, lost its former significance, then became almost a village. And, of course, historians were very interested in what happened to the remains. The aboveground part of the cathedral, or rather, what was still remaining, was studied in the 19th century. In the 20th, they unearthed the foundation. But no remains were found …

In some places the bases of the columns are visible. Now, at this level, apparently, was the floor of the cathedral. And down went the basements, where, in fact, was the tomb, I think.

Here is another perspective.

What happened to them? Nobody knows this for sure. Neither Frederick nor Conrad. Most likely, they disappeared after the fall of the city. Or maybe they could be transported somewhere and reburied by the crusaders themselves. This option cannot be ruled out either. Maybe they’re somewhere nearby.

One way or another, the trail of the German tsar-crusader is lost right here.

People of the past have not left us any information. Or history did not save this information. And maybe still keeps this secret.
For posterity.

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