The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the call of NATO to give the Crimea to Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on the West to stop “engaging in politicking” and to listen to the voice of the Crimeans. So the department responded to statements by the EU and NATO on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the reunification of the Russian Federation and the Crimea.

“ It’s time to recognize the democratic choice made by the people of Crimea and Sevastopol and to pay attention to the positive changes in their lives within the Russian Federation, as many unbiased representatives of the public and political circles of Western countries have already done ,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry saw similarities in the statements of the EU and NATO on the occasion of the anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia and concluded that “in EU and NATO Brussels, it seems, they prefer not to believe their eyes.”

Earlier, Life reported that NATO called on Russia to give Crimea to Ukraine . The alliance is concerned about Russia’s military buildup on the peninsula and in the Black Sea. In response, Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov called on NATO to return Kosovo to Serbia.

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