The self-proclaimed great grandson of Rasputin failed the test of kinship


The self-proclaimed great grandson of Rasputin failed the test of kinshipIn the broadcast of the program “Let They Speak” on the First Channel, the Russian who called himself a descendant of Grigory Rasputin passed a DNA test. The audit showed that kinship with a recognized descendant is unlikely. The release is available on the website of the channel.

Laurence Io-Solovef, who is considered Rasputin’s great-granddaughter, was invited to the studio. Both her and the 70-year-old Viktor Prolubschikov were taken samples of saliva. The host of the program, Dmitry Borisov, announced that the probability that the invited guests are relatives is 22.25 percent. According to the specialist invited to the studio, according to the results of such a test, it is impossible to judge family ties, and more extensive research is needed. Io-Solovieff refused to follow up.

Viktor Prolubschikov has already appeared on television in the role of a descendant of Rasputin: in February 2017, an episode of the program “New Russian Sensations” appeared on the NTV channel called “Rasputin against Vanga. Battle of the Prophets. There he gave some predictions about the future and showed how he “heals” people.

According to the publication, after the episode of the program was released to the Grigory Rasputin Museum in the village of Pokrovskoye, people began to turn to the demand to tell you where to find the “seer”.

“This man is not a relative of Rasputin. He was paid, and he played his part. Once he was an actor in a local theater, and then he got drunk, ”said the director of the museum, Marina Smirnova . According to her, the direct descendants of Rasputin live in France, in Russia there are none.

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In December 2016, New Zealand journalist Amos Chapple interviewed Prolubschikov: the hero was drunk and at the end of the interview, in which he told only that Rasputin was a kind man, he demanded to buy him vodka. “My great-grandmother was the maid Rasputin. I think she sinned with him, ”he explained his own conjectures about the kinship of the Prolubshchiki.

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