There are new photos of Lada Vesta FL

According to preliminary data, the improved version of the flagship of the Lada line will delight motorists not only with a new interior, but also with pleasant external changes.
Already four models of the Lada Vesta Facelift have been assembled at the AvtoVAZ Scientific and Technical Center, and the cars will soon have to pass a series of tests. Reports about it “the Russian newspaper “.

It is noted that snapshots of fragments of the new car appeared on the web. Photos published in the group Lada Vesta “VKontakte”.

On one of the pictures is a window control unit, on the other – a side mirror.

According to preliminary data, Lada Vesta will please motorists not only with new interiors, but also with pleasant external changes.

The creators promise new bumpers, lights and headlights, grille, trunk lid, as well as a new design of the disks, while the body shape will remain the same.

In the salon, in addition to a number of pleasant details, an upgraded front panel with a multimedia system and a niche for wireless charging of a mobile phone will appear.

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