There was a video how Malcolm flies to St. Petersburg with a Zenit representative

This means that in the near future blue-white-blue should announce the transfer of the player, “Barcelona”.
A video appeared on Twitter about how the football player of Barcelona Malcolm meets at the airport with the sports director of St. Petersburg Zenit Javier Ribalta and enters the airport building with him. The football player has several large suitcases with him.

Despidiendo esta mañana a Malcom para @DeportesCuatro @DeporteslaSexta El jugador ya viaja a Rusia para cerrar su fichaje por el Zenit. 😎😎 #football @ MalcomOliv97 #exclusivo #paparazzi @ quimi666

– (((Quimiup))) (@ quimi666) August 1, 2019
Most likely, the Brazilian will soon sign a contract with a Russian club.

Earlier media reported that Malcom will undergo a medical examination in the Northern capital on August 2, after which a contract will already be signed. The transaction amount is estimated at 40 million euros, plus another 5 million bonuses.

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