Three Princes of Dubai at the same time married their cousins

Yesterday in the world it became immediately on three enviable groom less. Emir of Dubai, in order not to drive the guests, simultaneously married three of his sons – the 36-year-old Crown Prince Hamdan, the 35-year-old deputy ruler of Dubai Maktoum, and the 32-year-old chairman of the Ahmad Knowledge Foundation. The religious ceremony took place on May 15, but was celebrated only on June 6, after the completion of Ramadan. The elects of the older brothers became their cousins, and the youngest married the second cousin. The engagement of Hamdan with his bride, according to some information, has been going on for more than ten years.

Celebration staged at the World Trade Center in Dubai. Entry there was allowed only to men. In the solemn atmosphere, the bridegrooms father read a poem of his own. Brides, their mothers, and also mothers of grooms together with their girlfriends celebrated the event separately, away from prying eyes. There are currently no official snapshots of happy brides.

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