Three prototypes of the Russian vaccine from COVID-19 were effective

Three prototypes of the Russian coronavirus vaccine have successfully passed tests for the ability to form an immune response and have shown effectiveness. This was stated by the director of the center “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov, reports RIA Novosti .

“These are the most advanced drugs in terms of the results obtained,” he emphasized.

Currently, the center is working on several groups of new generation vaccines; more than 100 employees are involved. “The most important thing is to provide protection against disease in those who will be vaccinated. To create a safe drug capable of forming this defense is the biggest difficulty, ”summed up Maksyutov.

June 18 the first volunteers entered the experienced Russian coronavirus vaccine, developed by the Ministry of Defense in cooperation with the National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Academician Gamal. After vaccination with COVID-19, they feel good. After administration of the vaccine, no complications or adverse reactions were detected.

In Russia, over the past day, 6719 cases were detected. The total number of infected in Russia exceeded 640 thousand. Of these, more than 403 thousand recovered, more than 9.1 thousand died. The WHO announced Russia’s access to the coronavirus plateau.

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