Top 10 Kickstarter Games

It takes a lot of money to get started developing a game and here’s a look at some of the best games made with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter has been around for almost a decade, or at least has been in the spotlight. It started out as a small place for indie developers. It wasn’t much until the success of Double Fine set an example with Broken Age.

The service is now bigger than ever. But what are the best stories individually? Most Kickstarter games are released first on PCs with console ports, and may have higher or lower scores depending on the platform. In fact, nine of these game reviews are based on the PC version, with one exception.

Thimbleweed park

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It’s the classic style of adventure game that fans have been craving since LucasArts fell into oblivion. Ron Gilbert, who has worked on games like Maniac Mansion, is spearheading the project. It has just the right amount of puzzles and humor that one would expect from one of its games. As a concept, think of this game as The X-Files, but as a really good video game.

Darkest dungeon

This game is not for the faint of heart. This is a 2D RPG, turn-based dungeon crawler with roguelike elements. It’s pure hardcore and will love Dark Souls fans, as corny as it sounds.

It can be both frustrating and rewarding at the same time. It may not be for every gamer, but projects like these should be noted for offering something new for those looking for a challenge.

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Hyper light drifter

Think of it as The Legend of Zelda, but more complex. Hyper Light Drifter in a nutshell is an exploration of the world, a battle with villains, and an attempt to uncover the secret of the universe and yourself. There are NPCs that you can interact with, but all communication is through pictures, which makes one of the most unique experiences.


CrossCode is sort of a new interpretation of Phantasy Star, but with Zelda elements. This is an in-game hack and slash RPG in which someone’s conscience has been trapped. Sounds familiar? The story may not be original, but the combination of action and puzzle games turned out to be a good mix of the two genres.

Divinity: Original Sin

This is a prequel to the original Divinity series. Larian Studios released games in the series before Kickstarter, but they were smaller in volume.

That’s why they’ve turned to the platform to make the series’ epic comeback. To say that it paid off is an understatement, since both it and the sequel are established RPGs.

Hollow knight

Hollow Knight, despite borrowing from other games, has a lot to say on its own. So it can be boiled down to calling it Dark Souls in 2D with Metroidvania mechanics. But the game is about more. The art style and unique aesthetic make the game stand out from other games in this genre in and of itself.

Night in the woods

Night In The Woods is another adventure game, although it sticks more to modern trappings. That is, it does not use the old interfaces. The game may also not be to everyone’s liking as it can be depressing. Coping with depression after graduating from college is not an easy task, even in the anthropomorphic animal kingdom.

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Pillars of eternity

Similar to Larian Studios’ resurgence of Divinity, Obsidian Entertainment has aimed to do the same with another RPG franchise. Pillars Of Eternity is like the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate. It was because of this release, which was successful in itself, that Microsoft took notice of the company and bought them out.

Shovel knight

While not number one, this game can easily be cited as a mascot for Kickstarter and indie success. Although the game hasn’t been made into a series since its release, the character made a cameo in too many indie games in 2014. He is the Mario / Sonic from the Kickstarter success stories for indie developers. Aside from being an icon, the game is amazing from top to bottom.


Number one is another sensation, Undertale. Not only is this an indie success story, but the game was mostly made by one person, Toby Fox. From programming to even music, it was all his except for a little help. It shows a passion for gaming as it is a love for classic Super Nintendo games like Super Mario and EarthBound. The world is eagerly waiting for more.

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