Top 5 anime about cat girls

Two zero two! This time I decided to write an article about the top 5 anime, about cat girls. I will not delay and go straight to the article itself.

1 Anime: Cat Paradise / Nekopara

Kashou Minazuki finally fulfilled his dream, moved away from his parents and is preparing to open his own pastry shop. Leaving his home, he left there two of his lovely pets – neko twins, energetic Chocola and pensive Vanilla. Kasho was sorry to leave them, but he realized that he would no longer have time to take care of this restless couple. But it was not there! His sister Shigure Minazuki, who adores neko and her brother, seeing how her darlings suffer without their adored owner, without hesitation took and sent these two adorable Kashou twins by mail! And what should he do with them now?

The history of La Soleil confectionery, which will become famous in the future as a cat’s paradise, begins!

2 Anime: Stray Cats Invasion! / Mayoi Neko Overrun!

A light and simple romantic comedy. High school student Takumi Suzuki works at the Stray Cats cafe with his guardian, the girl who took Takumi under her wing, Otome. Otome is a very kind and helpful person who takes care of everyone who needs help. One day, she brings a fugitive named Kiriya Nozomi to a cafe. Kiriya is smart, beautiful, but has no idea about things that seem simple to other people.

3 Anime: Lord of Darkness: Another History of the World – The Magic of Submission / Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

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In the MMORPG game Crossroads, no player could compete in strength and strategy with Diablo, a player often referred to as the “Demon King” by others. In reality, Diablo is Takuma Sakamoto, a recluse who has devoted himself to the game for several years and knows almost everything about it.

One day, under a strange coincidence, Takuma wakes up on a strange altar, surrounded by two pretty girls who argued among themselves who had summoned him. Looking around, Takuma realized that he had entered the world of Crossroads and became the character he played for! But instead of successfully completing the ritual of summoning and subordinating Diablo, everything turned out exactly the opposite: the pantherian girl and the elf themselves were subordinates.

The adventures of the strongest magician and his two new companions begin!

4 Anime: Let’s Play! / Asobi ni Iku yo!

There lived a schoolboy Kio Kakazu in sunny Okinawa. He lived alone, but did not grieve – and one day he found in his bed a beautiful girl with cat ears and a tail. The girl introduced herself as Alice and stated that she was a foreigner! Only not from another country, but from another planet and came to Earth to improve relations. And as for the bed – it’s customary there, on Tau Kita.

And then the surprised guy was deeply involved in adventures – not only did Alice begin acquaintance with the people of the Earth, turning his house into some kind of embassy, ​​or a madhouse, so everyone and everyone began to hunt her. … And governments, and special services, and secret orders! But girls with cat ears are not found on every corner, so Kio steadfastly decided to protect Alice to the last. And what came of it, we will see!

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5 Anime: Dog Days

Shinku Izumi was an ordinary, fun and athletic teenager attending the Kinokawa International School in Japan and lived a normal life … until he was suddenly summoned to another world called Floniard. The inhabitants of this world practically do not differ in appearance from people, with the exception of one detail: they grow animal ears and tails. The young man was summoned into this world by the dog-eared princess of the Republic of Biscotti – Melchior Firiano Biscotti, and immediately asked Izumi for help in the war against the “feline” Lion Army of Galette.

Agreeing to Melchior’s request, Izumi receives the sacred weapon Palladion, and he is proclaimed the Hero of Biscotti. However, the war in this world is different from the “earthly” wars. It is conducted according to special rules, and neither side suffers losses – the war here is more like a sports competition, where the goal is to increase the capital of the participating kingdom. After his first victory for Biscotti, Cincu learns that the heroes summoned to Floniard cannot return to their homeworld. In fairness, it is worth noting that Melchior did not know about this either.

Scientists Biscotti promise Sink that they will find a way to return him to Earth within 16 days, because it is in 16 days that he must meet with his girlfriend Rebecca Anderson, with whom he promised to spend the last 3 days of his spring break. Until then, he decided to serve Melchior as a Hero of Biscotti …

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