Top 5 Dota 2 Bundles Everyone Should Play. Part 4

5. Sven + Magnus
Sven – has a passive ability to cut through damage, i.e. some of his damage spreads to those standing next to the one he attacks.

Magnus – has an active ability that gives an ally additional damage and a cleaving attack (you can throw at yourself, it affects the owner 2 times stronger). Also, it has an ultimate ability that pulls all enemies around to one point in front of it, stuns them and deals damage.

The meaning of the bundle is as follows:

Magnus throws on Sven the ability to cut through damage in addition to the one that he already has and pulls enemies into one point with the help of his ult. Sven can kill the entire team in a few cleaving blows. A very strong and effective bond.

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4. Templar Assassin + Abbadon
Everything is simple here. The bundle is no longer aimed at kills, but at invulnerability. Templar Assassin has an ability – a shield that blocks damage from being received for 17 seconds. This shield can only be used on yourself. Abbadon also has a shield, but it can be used on both yourself and an ally. Shield duration 15 sec. The meaning of the bundle is that the Templar Assassin, attacking, uses his shield, after its expiration, Abbadon throws his shield on her and the Templar is invulnerable again. As a result – about 30 seconds of invulnerability.

BUT! Both shields can be knocked down by some number of attacks on it. In any case, even 15-20 sec of safety is also quite a lot, especially at the initial stage of the game.

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3. Tiny + Pudge
The bundle is overflowing with control and damage. Tini throws Pooja towards the opponent. Pudge deals small damage to the enemy after landing and begins to “gnaw” him with the ultimate (under the action of Pudge’s ultimate, the enemy hero is immobilized). During this time, Tini manages to come to the place of kneading and give a camp. Pooj throws a control hook at a motionless enemy and finishes the hero. It is important to meet the timing and use the skills in a timely manner.

If it happens on the lane, then it is important to keep track of what your target’s ally is doing at this time, because it will not be difficult for him to break the ligament.

2. Grimstroke + Doom
Ultimate Doom works as a silence, during which you cannot use items and + it deals damage. And Grim’s ultimate links 2 goals. During this connection, the heroes cannot disperse in different directions, and if any impact is thrown on one target, then the other one, which is in a bundle, will receive this effect.

The essence of the tactics: tie 2 enemies with Grim’s ulta and silence with Doom’s ulta. Under such influence, these 2 opponents will become practically useless for a while and a 5v5 battle will turn into 5v3.

It is better not to use this bundle on heroes that have good hand damage. Catch heroes spamming with magic skills or heroes capable of initiating a battle.

1. Chaos Knight + Io
The bundle works with obtaining the ultimates of both heroes. The third skill Io increases the attack speed of his own and tethered ally. Io picks a single target on the map, binds to CK (Chaos Knight) and both teleport to it. Taking the victim by surprise, you can quickly kill it and return to the place from where the teleport was made.

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Linking with Io can work with any hero with a stun and good hand damage.

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