Top 5 Dota 2 Hero Bundles everyone should play. Part 5

5th place.
Juggernaut + Venomancer.

The link starts working already in the first minutes of the game.

Venomancer is a good lane support as he has a lot of unpleasant skills. With their help, he will drive away heroes from Juggernaut and he will be able to calmly farm creeps. Also, by joining forces, you can try to kill the hero through a combination of skills: Venomous Gale (strong movement slowdown and periodic damage) of Venomancer and Blade Fury (the hero rotates and deals damage around standing characters) Juggernaut. I can say for sure that standing on the line against these characters is very unpleasant.

4th place.
Legion Commander and Witch Doctor.

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The bundle starts working after receiving the ultimates of both characters.

The tactics of the battle are as follows: the Legion woman throws a duel to the enemy, and the Vic Doctor puts her ultimate, which will shoot the enemy. Surviving this amount of damage is almost impossible, especially early on in the game. Legionnaire will take damage from duels in such an easy way and win the game. You can get an infinite amount of damage.

3rd place.
Huskar and Dazzle.

The link works at any stage of the game.

Juscar is known to be an insane carry when his health threshold goes to zero. In most cases, Huskar dies, but manages to take several heroes with him. But there issupport by nameDazzle , which can delay or prevent Huskar’s death at all. Dazl is able to heal Huskar in battle, and can also give a cross and save his life, which he often needs. Huskar and the enemy will kill and survive. The combination of heroes is quite impressive.

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2nd place
Kunkka and Shadow Shaman.

The link works at any stage of the game

The bundle includes an abundance of control, magic and physical damage. It would seem what else is needed to win. But all the same, there are even more terrible bundles. The tactics of the battle are as follows: the Shaman begins to use his abilities for control. In turn, Kunka uses his procast (geyser + ship). Many will not survive this procast. But if you come across a character who survives, then you can finish him off from the hand. If the enemy falls under such a “bulldozer” of skills, then there is practically no chance of survival.

1st place.
Invoker and Faceless Void

A great combo of heroes that starts working towards the middle of the game.

The meaning of the tactics is that Void puts his ult on the heroes (dome) and the Invoker throws his procast at enemies. Since the characters stand motionless in the dome, the Invoker will be able to hit all the heroes and cause a lot of damage. The Void during this time also deals damage from the hand. At the end of the dome, the opposing team will lose half of their heroes, or even more.

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