Top 5 Dota 2 Hero Bundles Everyone Should Play. Part 7

5th place
Tiny + Pudge

The link is relevant after the Puj has received level 6. Works on the principle of the Tiny + Centaur Warrunner bundle. Tini throws Pooja at the enemy hero. Pudge begins to “eat” the enemy with the ultimate. At this time, Tini deals damage from her hand to an enemy hero. Tini also has a stun that can be used at the end of the Pooja ult. In case the damage is still not enough, Pooj is able to complete the attack using his grappling hook. The initiation of a fight can begin with catching the enemy with the Pooja hook. The sequence doesn’t matter. The enemy will, in most cases, be killed.

4th place
Dark Seer + Clockwerk

To implement this combination, you need to go together on one lane and distribute roles as follows: offlane Dark Seer and position 4 support Clockwerk.

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There are 2 ways to implement a bunch of characters:

1. Clockwork creates a barrier, traps the enemy and deals damage with the first and third abilities. Dark Sire places a spiky shield on Clockwork, which also damages the enemy. If Clockwork fails to kill the enemy during the trap and the enemy tries to escape, Dark Seer uses an ability on Clockwork that increases his movement speed.

2. It is used when both characters get ultimate abilities. The whole procedure is the same as in the first paragraph, but Clockwork initiates the battle not by approaching the enemy on foot, but with the help of an ultimate. Also, Dark Seer, with the help of his ultimate, is able to put a wall into the barrier. If an enemy hero passes through it, his illusion appears, which deals damage.

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3rd place
Magnus + Dark Seer

A bunch of heroes does not have to be used on the same lane. The interaction of characters is well observed in massive battles. The interaction looks like this: Magnus appears in a crowd of enemies using the Dark Seer acceleration, the Blink Dagger item or his Skewer ability. Then he uses the ultimate to pull enemies into one point, dealing damage and stunning them, and Dark Seer puts a wall on opponents. The chances of winning the battle against enemies are minimal, therefore, in most cases, the opposing team will flee. But Dark Seer has the Vacuum ability for this case, with the help of which he will pull all the characters back to the specified point. It looks very impressive and useful.

2nd place
Ax + Warlock

The link works from the very beginning of the game until its end. The bottom line is that Ax’s Battle Hunger ability and Warlock’s abilities are capable of quickly knocking resources out of opponents, and subsequently killing them. You can also very easily interfere with the enemy carry from farming. To do this, you need to stand behind T1 and beat the enemy creeps. This is easily accomplished with the Warlock’s ability to restore health. The enemy carry will have to finish off the creeps under their tower, which is not very pleasant.

1st place
Undying + Venomancer

A bunch of heroes works at any stage of the game The combination of abilities deals huge damage, and each hero is able to significantly slow down the enemy. The essence of the heroes is that the Venomancer slows down the enemy with a poisonous spit, and Undying puts a tombstone from which zombies appear. Zombies damage and slow down the enemy character. In turn, the Venomancer has strong abilities that poison the enemy, inflicting high periodic damage. A bunch of heroes is most unpleasant on the lane. Nobody wants to stand against these characters.

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