Top 5 etty anime

1 Anime Empty Bank / Akikan!

16-year-old Daichi Kakeru has a rather strange hobby – he collects juice cans. In matters of the heart, he was particularly unlucky, but Daichi could not even think that collecting her would bring him good results in the form of girls. Yes, cans of drinks are magical, and after all its contents are drunk, they turn into beautiful girls. The name of these strange, but pleasant girls is Akikan, and the one who drank the liquid from the can becomes its master. To keep the girl alive, water must be added to the jar, and the owner must inject carbon dioxide into the girl. For Akikane, there is one important condition: they need to defeat their competitors, which are the same Akikane, only from a different material. There is a constant war between them: aluminum or steel Akikane compete with each other,

Daity himself did not even suspect that he had become a victim of a marketing project with a rather unusual story, in which the miracle of banks, battles and lesbians with gays are involved. In general, although the guy was never in the center of events, since then his life has changed dramatically.

2 Anime Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin

Beautiful Middle Ages! Huge castles, sword fights, arrows and people of noble blood haunt us throughout the story. Speech in this anime will focus on one competition, which takes place every four years and allows you to identify the best war among the beautiful half of humanity. The competition is called Queen’s Blade. Girls from all over the world gather in one place to try their luck and show all their skills in order to achieve the prestigious title.

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Although, if you face it, then each participant has her own goals. For some they are noble, while others are cunning and want to win for the sake of something bad. Our main characters have exceptionally good intentions. So the heiress of the royal family, Rhine, wants to win in order to rid her country of hunger. The noble thief Risti has a similar desire only on a smaller scale. And the head of the priestess warriors Tomoe wants to rid his country of the power of fattening officials. In general, hot battles and rounded, naked shapes are waiting for you.

3 Anime Daphne: The Secret of the Shining Waters / Hikari to Mizu no Daphne

In the future, the Earth will be swallowed up by the Ocean, and all its inhabitants will be forced to coexist in huge underwater dome cities. This would have continued for a long time, until the best minds of mankind figured out something better: after 100 years on the surface of the water surface of the Earth, there were huge islands, built by hand by craftsmen from God. The Islands are run by the Organization of Eight Cities, but in fact, everything is controlled by the Island Agency, where a young resident of one of the cities, Maya Mizuki, is trying to get. The girl herself is very talented, but at the same time she is very naive.

She had already failed more than once in the entrance exams and soon her champion spirit dried up completely. Pretty soon, the girl gets into an ugly story that helps her get a job at a firm called Nemesis. The employees of this company may not be engaged in saving the planet, but in terms of importance they are definitely not inferior to the intergalactic expedition. They just help people, more often than not, this is an ordinary search, but sometimes really interesting tasks fall out.

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4 Anime Kampfer / Kampfer

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Especially from pretty neighbors. But high school student Seno Narutsu is not too happy about such an event. Having received a stuffed animal from Kaede (an echo of one of the popular anime “Zomotsu”). In addition to this cute gift, it came with a bracelet and the title of Kempfer’s elite fighter. The only circumstance that spoils this whole idyll is that all the soldiers of the detachment are girls. Now Seno has to transform into a girl before each battle, so as not to give himself away, and for a shy and a little awkward guy, this is a real tragedy. But undoubtedly, the girl came out of him more than beautiful and talented, and now Seno claims to be the “third goddess of the Seitetsu school.”

But now, after a while and having mastered his new appearance, Seno has become the object of adoration of his neighbor Kaede and the head of the Shizuku student council. True, both girls fell for his feminine appearance, but that did not stop Seno from making friends. Now, in addition to the girls, a good half of the guys from the “Study of Beauties” club run after Seno, which clearly does not please the “Chosen” warrior. Seno must deal with his fans, fans, be able to maintain his reputation and withstand the attacks of competitors.

5 Anime Big Order

People tend to dream about everything: a bright future, revenge, the creation of a better world and super abilities that would make them stand out from the crowd. And what if fate – or rather, creatures suspiciously similar to fairies – suddenly give people the opportunity to fulfill their most passionate desire? This is exactly what happened once: fairies appeared in the world, and some of the people turned into the so-called Orders – powerful individuals capable of controlling their bodies and the surrounding reality in accordance with once made desires.

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One such person is Eiji Hoshimiya, a high school student who made a wish to destroy the world ten years ago. After that ill-fated desire, a lot has changed: disasters have occurred, people have acquired unusual abilities, and now not a day goes by that some new Order does not do something out of the ordinary. When agents of the mysterious service and a new classmate who wants to avenge their parents come to the soul of Agee, who is still tormented by guilt, he has to turn to his power again. But was Eiji’s childhood wish really destructive?

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