Top 5 films about amazing stories that happened in real life

Sometimes you hear some stories and cannot believe that this is the pure truth – it just cannot be!

This is exactly what today’s selection will be: it contains 5 films with amazing in many ways stories, destinies and people.

1. “Lion”, 2016

An impressive story about a boy from the slums, Sarah, who got lost at the age of 5 and only thanks to a miracle and ingenuity was able to survive.

He is adopted by a couple from Australia, but due to the stress he has experienced, the boy can not even tell where he is from.

After 20 years, young Sarah decides to find his home , modern technologies and all the same ingenuity will help him in this.

But how to find something if you don’t even know what you are looking for?

2. “Jungle”, 2017

A truly penetrating story of a lost traveler trying to survive in the wild jungle.

This is a biographical thriller about survival in the Amazon, which hides many dangers.

The hero has no water, no food, no shelter from predators and weather, and in addition to an external threat, an internal despair rises to him.

How can he survive? And can it?

3. “For reasons of conscience”, 2016

This is the film that, even while watching, becomes your favorite among all the pictures in the world.

I highly recommend watching it!

Incredible courage of one hero, faith in principles and perseverance.

A young soldier, undergoing training, refuses to take a rifle in his hands, arguing his choice by adherence to the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”

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And even when he is at the front in front of open fire, he still follows his conscience.

Write in the comments – what films based on real events impressed you the most?
4. “Impossible”, 2012

2004 year. A devastating tsunami hits Thailand.

A family of five, who came to rest, ends up in the center of the disaster.

The main character does not know if her family members are still alive and how she can get out of the destroyed place when the second wave is about to overtake.

The story, after hearing which you say: “this is something impossible.”

5. “Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation”, 2018

We started with a film starring Dev Patel and will end up like this.

A story that happened in 2008, when the hotel was seized by dangerous criminals, and help with special forces arrives from another city.

The hotel staff show true courage and incredible loyalty to their guests as they try to save them from this nightmare.

Let me know in the comments which of these films you have watched and which are you just planning, and share your options!

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