Top 5 heroes in Dota 2. Patch 7.27c

Exactly one week ago, patch 7.27c was released. As usual, the new patch introduces its own changes and adjustments. Changes meta, strengthens and weakens heroes or items. In this article, we will talk about 5 heroes who performed well in the new patch.

Heroes are very strong and suitable for raising the rating.


After the release of the new patch, Spectra’s winrate remains the same. At the time of this writing, it is 57%. This is a pretty good result. Spectra was uploaded in the last patch, this time it was decided not to touch it. The early push has been seriously fixed, which only plays into the hands of Spectra. She had more time to acquire a high level and purchase the necessary items. It is extremely difficult to play against her in late. Supports are especially affected by the strong ultimate.

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If you like playing carry, then this option is worth considering.


Improvement of the character has been asking for a long time due to the rare appearance in games. The main improvement received the ultimate ability: the duration of the ability was increased from 25 seconds. up to 40 sec. Increased add. damage from 160% to 210% at the last level of study. Due to this, Sven is able to farm quickly and also look more efficient in battles.

I think his win rate will go up quickly. I advise you to use it while the hero is in “best shape”.


I am sure that longtime Dota 2 players are happy with the return of the “old” Bonik. The character has been redesigned and now looks like it did in 2013.

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Despite the overhaul, the hero remains one of the strongest in the game. The main plus of the character is the varied variability of the character’s assembly. It follows that it is more difficult for enemies to counter you.

Lack of receiving additional Death Pact damage made Clinkz’s life easier. After all, earlier, due to the lack of killing heroes, the character lost his strength and effectiveness. Now you can feel freer, split-push lanes, farm jungle, etc.

Arc warden

The hero who has received the most winrate gain since the last update. The percentage of victories per hero is 54.5%.

The main improvement is the level 15 talent: -15% Spell Cooldown. Arc now runs for only 10 seconds without the illusion. Due to the early push fix, Arc Warden has time to grab key items. Thanks to this, Arc Warden will split-push lanes with incredible speed.

I think that this character’s winrate has not reached the limit and after a while it will get even higher.


After improving the spiders, Broodmother is doing pretty well in the current patch. Although it would seem that they reduced the resistance to magic, it means that it will be much more difficult to play against magicians. Not at all. The spiders’ health has been increased, so the conditional Lina, as it did not kill spiders with procast, will not kill. Moreover, a competent Broodmother player will not expose his spiders.

Due to the increase in the health indicator of spiders, the hero is able to look decent against a hero with physical. damage and magician. damage.

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Also increased agility gain and slowdown from the third ability. This prevents enemies from easily escaping pursuit.

Taken together, this gave a good increase in winrate and is over 50%. Therefore, fans of fast games can safely use Broodmother in their games.

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