Top 5 heroes-pushers in Dota 2

The most effective way to win the game is to break your opponent’s structures as quickly as possible.

First, let’s look at the concept of “pusher”.

Pusher is a hero who is able to inflict great damage on the buildings of the enemy team in a short period of time. To do this, you can use both auto-attack and the use of abilities.

Below is a list of 5 heroes who do an excellent job of this task.

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5th place

The strongest offlaner of the current meta. With his “zoo” he is able to quickly push the lane and break buildings.

His army consists of:

1. Boars that inflict damage with poisonous spits and slow down opponents.

2. The eagle, which is used to survey the territory. Helps the Beastmaster detect an enemy on the way.

3. Item Helm of the Dominator, with which the Beastmaster tames another creep to his army.

4. Item Necronomicon, when activated, two creatures appear. One character is melee, the other is ranged.

With such an army, the Beastmaster can quickly demolish buildings. In addition, the hero is useful in battles with the enemy team.

There is a passive ability that increases the attack speed of the Beastmaster and his controlled creatures. It also affects the rate of destruction of buildings.

4th place

One of the most popular and strongest carry of the current patch. The hero is strong at any stage of the game. The character gains his strength through the following aspects:

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1. Ability Lunar Blessing increases Luna and controlled ranged units attack damage and armor. Thanks to this, you can inflict a lot of damage on buildings.

2. The ability Moon Glaives allows the hero’s glaives to bounce over multiple enemies, creeps or buildings. Due to this, the moon is able to quickly kill creeps and break several buildings at the same time.

3. Using Helm of the Dominator allows you to tame one creep to increase damage to buildings.

3rd place

Broodmother is a hero hated by most Dota 2 players. It is advisable to take her to the last pick for maximum hero realization. After all, Brood is a situational hero. If the opposing team has a counter-pick of Brood, then it is better to consider another hero for pushing.

It is elusive and also a good pusher due to the following aspects:

1. An army of spiders, which is capable of quickly breaking structures. With the help of webs, Brood is able to quickly move around the map and push lanes.

2. Activating Helm of the Dominator and Necronomicon will replenish Brood’s army to resolve buildings.

2nd place
Nature’s prophet

Furion has always been a good pusher at the expense of his mobility and high damage.

Its power lies in the following aspects:

1. Ability Nature’s Call allows you to create a controlled group of stumps from trees, which will help in the destruction of enemy buildings. Due to the Teleportation ability, the hero is able to quickly move between lanes and push several lanes at the same time.

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2. Ability Wrath of Nature causes a burst of energy, bouncing off enemies in sight across the map and causing damage to them. The damage from the bunch increases with each new target. For each killed creature, the hero gets an extra. attack damage for 50 sec.

3. Activation of the item Necronomicon allows you to summon two controlled creatures. One character is melee, the other is ranged.

1st place

The hero is one of the most popular and “broken” in the current patch. The hero is incredibly fast capable of pushing a line and breaking enemy buildings.

1. Ability Summon Wolves allows you to summon two wolves that will attack the enemies of the owner.

2. Using the ability Howl on enemies will reduce armor and damage from attacks. The effect affects enemies that are no further than 2000 units. from the owner of the ability and his wolves.

3. The ability Feral impulse will increase the damage and health regeneration of Lycan and his units under control.

3. The item Dominator and Necronomicon allow you to replenish your army with 3 more creatures.

The hero is multifunctional: he can either fight together with his team, or go to brazenly break buildings. If Lycan does not lose the lane, then rest assured that it will be a matter of time before your base falls. Of course, Lhikan can be easily countered, but in capable hands this hero will be very strong and useful.

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