Top 5 legendary treasures that have not yet been found.

Throughout the globe hidden a huge number of treasures of all times and peoples. There are both small and large treasures, visible to the naked eye and extremely inaccessible, which I wanted to talk about with you.

So, today you will learn about the 5 most famous, and already legendary treasures that are still waiting for their discovery.

1. The forgotten Dutch gold mine.
According to legend, in the mountains of Superstition in the southwestern United States, there is a gold mine excavated once by a German named Jacob Waltz.

The German did not begin to tell anyone about his find, and even more so, cursed him so that no one would get his golden wealth.

Many treasure hunters who went in search of the treasure died, went missing and even went crazy, apparently not finding anything useful.

2. Golden owl.
This treasure is very “young”, but has already become a legendary treasure. It was buried / hidden in France on April 24, 1993, by a man named Regis Hoz. He developed a game with 11 clues to find the Golden Owl, which, according to Hoos, would have taken about 14 months to solve.

However, even for 26 years, no one was able to solve the riddle.

Khoz promises that anyone who finds the Golden Owl will pick it up as a trophy and a cash prize of one million francs.

3. Gold of the Nazis.
Long before its defeat, the Third Reich was aware of the inevitable defeat and collapse of the war, and therefore, hid its treasures in advance. Incredibly experienced people hid gold, jewelry and antiques, which, incidentally, is clear from the fact that no one has found them for more than 70 years.

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There is no exact data on the cache, but it is believed that the treasures are hidden at the bottom of Lake Toplitz, in southeast Austria, but the information is inaccurate.

The Nazi fortune is estimated at more than $ 45,000,000,000.

I think that it’s not even worth explaining how much this is a huge amount.

4. Diamond “Florentine”.
In India, about 500 years ago, they discovered a unique diamond. It was transmitted between rich rulers from one to another, but, as you might have guessed, it was lost.

The last owner was the Austrian royal family.

After the First World War, this same family was exiled to Switzerland, grabbing a precious pebble, after which no one else saw the stone.

There are many hypotheses about the location of the stone, but not one of them has been able to determine the exact location and fate of the legendary diamond to this day.

5. Gold Leon Trabuco.
During the Great Depression (the period of the global economic crisis from 1929 to 1939), Leon Trabuko, together with his associates, tried to illegally withdraw 16 tons of gold from Mexico.

Realizing that they were about to catch, and confiscate gold, smugglers hid their treasure somewhere in the desert of New Mexico.

The smugglers, as one would expect, hid information about the cache, making it a treasure, the search for which has not stopped to this day.

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