Top 5 mobile heroes in Dota 2. Part 1

There are 119 heroes in the game, each with a distinctive characteristic. Someone may have increased survivability, someone has many ways to keep the enemy hero in the camp. And someone has abilities that allow the character to easily avoid the attack of the enemy team, as well as use their mobility to initiate a battle. In this article we will look at the top 5 mobile and elusive Dota 2 heroes.

As one subscriber noted, all mobile heroes can be assigned the “tenacious hero” status. On the one hand, this is so. But on the other hand, this is not entirely true. The top 5 surviving heroes are based on health, armor, and strength gain.

5th place

The hero acquired his mobility due to the following abilities:

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1. The first ability (Waveform) allows you to quickly cover a distance of 1000 units. at the maximum level of skill pumping. This allows you to quickly initiate a battle or escape from the battlefield. Also, with the help of this ability, Morphling is able to dodge many of the skills of the enemy team. At level 10, you can take the talent with +275 waveform range, at level 25, you can choose the talent for 2 charges of waveform. This will further enhance your mobility.

2. Ultimate (Morph) can improve the mobility of the hero if the enemy team has heroes with escape abilities. The morph changes its shape in the image and likeness of the selected enemy and uses his skills to initiate a battle or escape from the battlefield. Buying Aghanim Morph is able to change shape on the selected ally, which will further significantly increase the character’s mobility. Again, this only works when there are heroes with escape abilities.

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4th place
Sand king

The character has increased mobility due to the following abilities:

1. The first ability (Burrowstrike) allows you to both initiate a battle and instantly escape from the battlefield. In the first case, Sand King bursts into the enemy, stunning them and inflicting damage. In the second case, Burrowstrike works like a Blink Dagger (quickly moves the hero to the specified point). With the purchase of Aghanim, Sand King is able to cover a distance of 1400 units.

2. Ability Sand Storm allows the hero to hide in a sandstorm. Enemies without items against invisibility will not be able to see Sand King. From the storm, the character is able to initiate a fight with Burrowstrike or escape from enemies using the same ability.

3. On Sand King, Blink Dagger is most often bought. It also significantly increases the mobility of the hero.

3rd place

Weaver has a high mobility rate due to the following abilities:

1. Shukuchi’s ability allows Weaver to move out of sight and move at an increased speed. This is especially true if Weaver takes the +160 talent to movement speed from Shukuchi at level 25. Using the ability, Weaver can easily pursue the target, and also run away from the enemy with lightning speed. The best part for Weaver is the Shukuchi cooldown. It is negligible for such a valuable ability.

2. The ultimate ability Time Lapse allows the hero to go back 5 seconds in a time period, returning the level of health and mana to its former level. This directly affects the mobility of the hero.
You can use the ability not only to return health points and mana, but also to return to your previous location. Thus, you can leave the battlefield in an instant.

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2nd place
Storm Spirit

Storm’s Ultimate allows him to be categorized as an “elusive hero”. The fact is that when using the Ball Lightning ability, the hero flies around the map and becomes invulnerable during flight. This is especially noticeable when Storm Spirit has items that increase the amount of mana and the speed of its recovery. Besides the fact that the hero is very difficult to catch, he is capable of making a lot of damage. Ultimate can be used both to attack the enemy and to retreat.

1st place

All abilities of this hero, except for the ultimate, increase his mobility and elusiveness.

1. The first ability (Illusory Orb) allows you to release a glowing ball that flies in a straight line, hitting enemy heroes and creatures in its path. You can move to the ball at any time. This ability can be used both to initiate a fight and to run away from enemies. At level 20, you can choose the talent + 50% to the speed and range of Illusory Orb.

2. The second ability (Waning Rift) allows you to jump a short distance to the specified point, causing damage to enemies in the area and imposing silence. Someone might think that Puck’s jump radius is too small and it is wrong to compare this ability with the “mobility” category. However, not everything is so obvious. At the very least, using this ability, you can jump onto High ground (a hill on the map), thereby breaking away from pursuers.

3. The third ability (Phase Shift) allows you to dodge any attacks of the heroes. Thus, you can evade stuns, etc., respectively, do not stop in motion for a long time.

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Conclusion A

mobile and elusive hero does not mean that he cannot be caught or killed. There are heroes and items that are able to catch the above heroes. Therefore, the choice of character must be approached situationally, starting from the pick of the opposing team.

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