Top 5 popular Dota 2 heroes

5th place.

You can often find this character in the top 5, especially at this rating. This hero is loved because of his strength and ease of control. By purchasing multiple items, you are already starting to create a lot of problems for the enemy team. This often happens because the players on this rating do not play correctly against the Sniper. By letting him float freely from the very beginning of the game, you risk that after a while the Sniper will be able to independently shoot half of your team.

Popularity at rating 2000-3000 MMR: 20.26%
Popularity on rating 3000-4000 MMR: 18,02%
4th place.

Is one of the most unpleasant supports on the lane. The constant draining of mana will not please anyone. But I think that a lot of people choose him because of his ultimate. I noticed that many players, choosing Lyon for the support position, try to collect Aghanim’s Scepter as quickly as possible. This allows you to use the ultimate more often and finish off enemy heroes, thereby increasing the damage from the ultimate. I think this approach to the game is wrong, because if Lyon plays in the support position, then you need to buy command items (Force Staff, Glimmer Cape, Eul’s Scepter, etc.). These items will be more useful to you and your allies than buying Aghanim’s Scepter

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Popularity on rating 2000-3000 MMR: 21.56%
Popularity on rating 3000-4000 MMR: 19.12%

3rd place

The character is very interesting. One of manycarry heroes, which has many branches of development in terms of buying items. There is no single item assembly. For each game situation, you should buy a different set of items. Able to be a combat unit already at an early stage of the game due to strong skills. But the hero gained his popularity due to the recent changes associated with the purchase of Aghanim’s Scepter. By purchasing this item, Juggernaut gains an additional ability that is similar to the ultimate. The differences are in the duration and cooldown. We can say that Juggernaut received a “second ultimate”, which strengthened the character.

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Popularity on rating 2000-3000 MMR: 21.57%
Popularity on rating 3000-4000 MMR: 20,73%

2nd place
Ogre magi

Ogre has long been one of the most popular supports in the game. The frequent choice of Ogre is due to its strong abilities, the presence of control over enemy characters. The main distinguishing feature is the amount of HP. This is one of the few heroes that has a large supply of HP, which makes him more dense and tenacious.

Popularity on rating 2000-3000 MMR: 23.87%
Popularity on rating 3000-4000 MMR: 20,75%

1st place

Pudge is the winner of the popular hero rating for the past month. I think no one was surprised by this. The character is one of the most popular heroes for a long time. Most likely, there are no players left who have never played this character. But his popularity doesn’t always play into the hands of the team. On the one hand, this character is extremely effective. Only one ultimate, capable of catching an opponent for 4 seconds even through BKB, which is worth it. On the other hand, many players, for some reason, take this character in order to leave hooks at opponents. And if you suddenly hit, then self-esteem increases dramatically, they say, look what a “cool player” I am. But with such actions you will only ruin the game for yourself and your allies.

Popularity at rating 2000-3000 MMR: 25.90%
Popularity on rating 3000-4000 MMR: 22.92%

The popularity of the hero depends on the release of a new patch, in which the characters are being reworked: both improvement and deterioration. You shouldn’t take the hero to the rating based on your desires. It is necessary to study the patch to understand who is currently the most effective and who is the least effective.

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