Top 7 Anime Neko-Chan!

Neko chanki is the most anticipated project from Elon Musk. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the cat girls to be real, but we can only be content with the 2D version from the anime

And yes, if you want to get to the bottom, then don’t. I understand perfectly well that Neko are cats. It will be easier to call everyone “neko-tyanki”, because this is much more beautiful and simpler than “Animal girls”. Let’s go!
Anime: Let’s play!

16-year-old alien with good fighting skills, sent by the captain of an extraterrestrial ship on some kind of reconnaissance. She is a tall, friendly girl with a long tail and ears on her head like a kitten’s. After the first meeting, her relationship with Kyo goes over the emotional level , since from the outside it may seem that she is the young man’s first love .

Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero

I told about Raphtalia in I recommend reading THIS article!

Raphtalia is a fighting, brave and beautiful raccoon girl . As a child, she was left without parents and was taken into slavery, but the main character bought her from a slave trader and made her his ” sword “.

Anime: Bleach

Hineko is notable for her rather original hairstyle: several strands frame her face and somewhat form cat ears. Pink fur covers her forearms, pelvis, left leg, and most of her upper body. A tuft of white fur that covers the neck and runs to the middle of the chest, there is a ring of white fur around her right thigh. She has a long, pink tail and claw-like nails.

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Chocola and Vanilla
Anime: Nekopara

Chocola is a cheerful and energetic girl with brown hair. She loves Kasho very much and calls him ” Master “. She could not bear the thought of separation from the owner, so she followed him when he moved to his new shop.

Vanilla is a quiet, calm and friendly neko. She is shy and rarely expresses her emotions. She is not at all like her sister Chokola, who is very energetic, cheerful and brave. Vanilla loves her sister and is always with her.

Anime Caring 800 Year Old Wife!

The divine fox who came to the world of the protagonist to cleanse his chakra, and she just really liked him. Senko is very caring, knows how to cook, cleans up. You would definitely want one for your house!

Anime: Spice and Wolf

The she-wolf , a harvest deity, hails from the northern lands called Yoitsu . She made a pact with the people of Pasuroe Township and Village , promising to ensure a good wheat harvest every year. But time passed, and the inhabitants of the city and village began to believe in Holo less and less , and no longer hoped for it, as they once did. Therefore, Holo decided to leave the village, hiding in the wheat, in the cart of the itinerant trader Lawrence , and return north to the place where she was born and which she considers her home.

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