Top 8 retro photos that are quite rare and extremely interesting

Sometimes it is enough to look at the photo to feel the beauty and emotions of that time. Especially for you, my favorite readers, I have compiled the top 8 retro photos that are quite rare and extremely interesting.

1. “Funeral”

This photograph shows the funeral of such a famous person as Malevich. His painting is known worldwide. This photograph was taken in 1935.

2. “The first concrete lighthouse”

This photograph shows the world’s first reinforced concrete lighthouse, which was 40 meters high. It was built in 1904, but, unfortunately, he did not survive World War II, it was destroyed. This is how a photo can show us something that no longer exists.

3. “Shipping”

Today, products are delivered everywhere, this is no surprise. But many young people clearly did not see how they delivered bread to the house in Soviet times. This photo shows a girl who moves with a special box in which fresh bread buns are neatly stacked. Picture taken in 1956.

4. “Nasa”

In this photo, we see NASA aircraft transporting a shuttle, which will have to go into space. The photo was taken in 1977.

5. “Jet train”

Have you ever seen a jet train? This train set a record at one time, gaining speed of almost 300 kilometers per hour. All this happened in 1966, which makes this speed unrealistically high. Today, modern trains this speed does not seem high.

6. “Kim Il Sung”

In this photo, we see North Korean President Kim Il Sung solemnly visiting Vietnam. Picture taken in 1958.

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7. “Czech Legion”

This photograph shows the Czech legionnaires who had the task of guarding the train in terrible frosts. According to their attire, it is clear that in the cold they are clearly not lost, and the weapons, which are always with them, will help them to defend themselves from enemies. Picture taken in 1918.

8. “Bicycle”

Many saw this bike as a kind of prototype and only a glimpse of history, but I bet that you did not see how you drove it in ancient times. This 1885 photograph depicts a man who travels on such a bike through his village.

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