TOP of the best anime maids!

Matsurika Shinoji

Matsurika is a servant, usually silent, but when speaking, she often utters rudeness and almost always has no expression on her face.


A clumsy maid from Phantomhive Estate. He wears glasses because of his incredible farsightedness (in one of the episodes of the series he removes the telescopic sight from the rifle, because without it he sees the target better) He categorically does not want to take them off or change them to new ones. Has a fondness for everything mysterious and otherworldly. In the past – a hitman.


Maid spirit. Her specialty is “digging holes” from which she suddenly appears and delivers powerful attacks. She can change her shape at the request of the owner. Her maid image matches her personality very well. She is faithful, selfless, ready for much for the sake of her mistress.


A dragon from a parallel world living with Kobayashi. She is able to breathe fire, change her appearance to dragon or human, and also impose curses on people. She is in love with Kobayashi and takes care of her in every possible way. Things like Toru’s attempts to feed Kobayashi’s own tail, though, annoy the latter. In her homeworld, most of her acquaintances consider Torah to be killed, and only a few know that she is alive.

Chitose Ito

The main character’s maid. She is polite, executive and nice girl. Until the owner made a surprise request to Chitose, the maid was worried, for example, what tea to serve with buns with freshly made jam.

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The head maid of the Lovelace family. Perfectly owns any type of firearm, from a pistol to a grenade launcher. Also worth noting is her incredible endurance. Of weapons, he uses twin Colt 1911 pistols, as well as a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun disguised as an umbrella. Also, on her first appearance in Roanapur, she carried a suitcase with a built-in machine gun and a grenade launcher similar to the movie Desperate. The second time, her weapon was a modified Barrett M82, with an MGL-MK1 underbarrel grenade launcher.

Yuri Alpha

Vice-Captain of the Pleiades Six Stars Squad of War Maids in the Great Shrine of Nazarick. Created by guild member Yamaiko. Yuri is kind and one of the most tolerant towards people in the Pleiades. When the order was given to act of her own accord, Yuuri immediately began helping people in their needs. He speaks to himself alone from the pronoun “boku” (), and also shows several childish traits. However, in public, he always retains a strict appearance, like that of a teacher, and manifests himself as a rather cold person. For this reason, he often holds the position of chairman.


Emma is the main character in anime and manga. Maid. Originally from a simple village near Yorkshire, she was kidnapped as a child and taken to London to be sold to a brothel. Emma was able to escape, but was lost on the streets of London. In order not to starve to death, she had to work in the most unusual places, and then took her to work as a maid.Kelly Stonar . Under Mrs. Stonar’s guidance, Emma learned a lot, including reading, writing, doing household chores, even French. Subsequently, Emma wanted to return to her native village, but met the German Mulder family and became a servant in their house.

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Rumiho Akiha

She is Faeris – a second year student of the private academy “Canaria”. She works part-time at a maid café called MayQueen + Nyan2 (literally “Virgin Queen + Nya-2”) and is the most popular waitress there. Looks like a child, behaves like a child. Awkwardly “sniffs” when he speaks. Can look into a person’s heart, just by looking into his eyes. Respects and loves his father very much.

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