Transgender model poses for Vogue topless in support of LGBT people

Model Valentina Sampaio, who is an open transgender, took part in a shoot for the fashion magazine Vogue, thereby supporting the Brazilian LGBT community. The picture appeared on the publication page on Instagram.

In the posted photo, 23-year-old Sampaio poses topless, sitting on a swing in short jeans shorts. The celebrity was captured on the background of the forest and several palm trees. It is noted that the picture for the magazine was provided by the model itself.

“The media talk about us during the Pride Month (LGBT Community Rights Month), but they don’t allow us to talk about ourselves,” Sampaio said.

In April, Valentina Sampaio became the face of an advertising campaign for the popular H&M brand. In the published frame, she poses on a white background in a jacket dress with a magnificent sleeve and a deep neckline. The cost of the product is 3999 rubles.Sampayo is a model and actress who became Victoria’s Secret’s first open transgender model in August 2019. In addition, she collaborated with such global brands as Dior, Opening Ceremony and L’Oreal.

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