Turkish opposition demands to repeal the law on hijab

Today, the Constitutional Court of Turkey has recognized the opposition’s claim to annul a new headscarf law, which is not in conflict with the current legislation. Subsequently, the court will announce the date of the meeting at which the claim will be considered on the merits.

The requirement to repeal the law on wearing the hijab was submitted to the court by deputies from the opposition Republican and Democratic Left parties. Parliamentarians consider it necessary “to annul or invalidate this“ law on turbans ”and to suspend it until the end of the trial”.

Recall that the bill on Muslim headscarves was adopted in parliament on February 9 and ratified by the President of Turkey on February 22, after which it entered into force. The amendments to the constitution entitle university students to wear hijabs. The ban on them was maintained in the republic for more than 80 years and was introduced by the country’s first president Kemal Ataturk. In previous years, the highest court instance has more than once annulled amendments to the Basic Law concerning the wearing of a Muslim women’s headdress. Defenders of the secular regime in Turkey believe that permission to wear a headscarf in universities is a threat to Ataturk’s principles, according to the main news agencies.

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