Tywin Lannister. The man who won the war is absolutely unable to fight.

For some reason, one often comes across the opinion that the Guardian of the West, the great and terrible Tywin Lannister, is an experienced and good commander. What such a point of view is based on for me personally is a mystery. Tywin, of course, is not a stupid person, he has a number of his merits, but military science is clearly not included in them, if you look at it.

Let’s go through the facts.

⚔️ Where and with whom did Tywin fight – as a commander – before the events of PLiO?

✔️ Suppressed the revolt of two of his own vassals, Tarbeks and Reins. I suppressed it hard, clearly, no questions asked. Plus sign in military karma. However, all the same, these were his own lords, not an equal rival.

✔️ Then there was the siege of Blue Vale – but the city surrendered itself, as soon as the hostage – Aeris Targaryen – managed to escape.

🚷 Tywin did not actually participate in the Baratheon rebellion, joining the apparently victorious army at the very last moment. His troops occupied King’s Harbor and staged a massacre there – but, again, the defenders opened the gates of the city in front of them. After all, Tywin reported that he had brought his army to the aid of the Targaryens.

And, actually, everything. Then there are the events of the Song of Ice and Fire.

(yes, it is clear that Tywin was the hand of the king for many years, a talented manager, and so on – but now we are talking about something else)
Now let’s take a look at the events of the saga.

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🎯 At first glance, it may seem that Tywin is on horseback and winning victories – but such an impression will be deceiving.

Tywin defeated Rousse Bolton at the Battle of the Green Barb. But it was only a tactical victory – the army of the northerners, having suffered losses, retreated in an organized manner , and there was no question of any defeat.

And this despite the fact that the Lannisters:
🔹 Possessed a numerical advantage

🔹 They possessed – unlike Ruse Bolton – knightly cavalry! After all, nine-tenths of the cavalry of the North was taken with him by Robb Stark!

Namely, the knights, let me remind you, are the main and most powerful part of the armies of the Middle Ages. And Rousse practically did not have it. Tywin did.

That is, in fact, Tywin could not realize his advantage in the battle with an openly weaker enemy.
Strategically, Tywin lost in this situation altogether – for at this very time Robb Stark defeated the second Lannister army at Rivveran. And it was he who broke, almost completely destroyed.

❎ Tywin, next, takes up Harrenhall and chooses a wait-and-see tactic. And it is rapidly creating a new army in the west. But this tactic again turns out to be wrong – for it allows the northerners to destroy the Lannisters in parts.

What is actually happening. While Tywin is in Harrenhall, Robb Stark destroys the newly formed army and invades Westfall. The ravaging of the lands of Tywin begins.

Thus, Tywin Lannister loses two of his three armies.
🆘 Further, the Guardian of the West moves to the West, but encounters strong resistance at the fords on the Red Prong – and cannot overcome it for several days.

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Tactically, this defeat, but strategically plays into the hands of Tywin – after all, only due to the fact that he could not break through further, the Lannisters manage to storm King’s Landing!

🤦‍♀️ Such is the pradox.

That is, if everything went as Tywin planned, King’s Landing would be captured. And soon, presumably, the war was lost. This scenario was prevented exclusively by Edmar Tully, who for several days in a row did not allow enemy troops to cross the river.

Farther. Battle of the Blackwater. It would seem that Tywin’s victory over Stannis. But let’s take a closer look:

🔸 The joint army of Tyrell and Lannister arrived in time in the midst of the assault and immediately entered the battle. That is, it acted as an unexpected reinforcement that fell on the army bogged down in the battle.

🔸 Most of Stannis’s army was disloyal to their king – the knights who sided with Stannis only after Renly’s death.

🔸 Petyr Baelish (not Tywin) came up with a trick of dressing Garlan Tyrell in the armor of the late Renly, so many people thought that the younger Baratheon was still alive and was on the side of the Lannister! As a result, many Storm Knights have changed sides again.

And right during the battle.

🔸 The defense of the city from and to – the merit exclusively of Tyrion. Both plan and implementation. Including the destruction of Stannis’ fleet at sea.

🔸 Well, the significant numerical advantage of the Lannisters and Tyrells, where without it.

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As we can see, in the victory at Blackwater, there is no merit at all from Tywin, from the word at all. Even the alliance with the Tyrells, for that matter, was born in Tyrion’s head and implemented by Littlefinger.

So it turns out in the end that Tywin – if we evaluate him precisely as a commander – once defeated two of his own vassals in his youth, but in the War of the Five Kings he himself never won a single really significant military victory.

However, fighting, he managed to ditch two of his three armies.

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