UN resolution: Israel – the main violator of women’s rights in the world

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), chaired by the Norwegian ambassador, approved last week two anti-Israeli resolutions in which the Jewish state is accused of violating the civil rights and rights of women – the only among 54 countries represented by this international structure.

This was reported on Sunday, July 28, on the website of the non-governmental organization UN Watch .

The text of this document states: “Israeli occupation is the main obstacle to the full realization of the rights of Palestinian women and girls.” It also refers to “repression by the Israeli occupiers.”

Among those who voted in support of these resolutions are Norway, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and another 29 countries.

Only the USA and Canada were against, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Romania and Ukraine abstained.

Former US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, commented on these events on her Twitter page : “It amazes me how the United States condones such voices. This is a complete mockery of human rights that allows Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Yemen to call Israel the only violator women’s rights in the world. ” The tweet is provided with the “Confused” hashtag.

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